Water…Life Giving Water….Yes at Blue Bottle Love we LOVE Water!! And Water Loves us back…..Water is the great reflector….so whatever energy or frequency you are directing towards the water in your life…including the water inside your body….water is giving it right back to you!   Every time you fill your Blue Bottle with water you are adding another drop of healing Love and Compassion into the infinite Ocean of Life, spreading waves of Healing and Transformation through the emotional body and collective consciousness of the planet and All Life everywhere!

We are blessed to be connected to the amazing musician, Mary Isis and her Visionary Music from the Heart.  Check out this gorgeous video with her song Praise The Water.  The sounds in this song touch so deeply and align so perfectly with the frequency of water!  Please visit our Raise The Vibration page to hear more amazing music from other artists honoring the Consciousness of Water.

Enjoy this beautiful song with the water dancing to the frequencies of flowing wild, magical water and our blessed sparkling sunshine as we drink in the LOVE!

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