Precious moments like this are so nourishing for the soul!  Blue Bottle Love recently welcomed our youngest customer to the Blue Love Temple!  Aerwyn is a very sweet, funny and intelligent 5 year old boy who happens to live in our neighborhood.

Aerwyn’s parents have been teaching him to be a conscientious consumer as well as to think about what he puts into his body   He would see his mom drinking from her Blue Bottle Love bottle everyday, often asking to drink from hers.  He decided he should have his own blue glass water bottle to drink his water and make blue solar water. So, as any normal 5 year old would do, he saved up his own money to buy his very own blue bottle for charging his water!  (Dreaming of the day when it truly is normal for kids to think this way!)

Aerwyn came over with both of his parents to visit and pick out his favorite blue bottle. Right when he saw the Buddha, he knew that was the one for him…a fine choice for a future guru!  When he learned what the words below Buddha mean, “May All Beings Be Happy and Free” he was especially pleased!   It was so fun to share the benefits of drinking out of the blue glass with Aerwyn as he really listened and tuned in.  It was especially intriguing that he actually brought an intentional amount of money to purchase this bottle.  He brought a $20 bill and a $2 bill to make $22 with 2 bills (222)….yes he is already into the sacred numbers as well!

It was quite a blessing to have shared such a magical moment with this amazing little being! Gratitude to Aerwyn’s parents for teaching him to honor and love his body and water…which are truly one in the same.   May the positive energy from the water he drinks inspire his soul to always remember the beauty and magic of our world!  And may the power of intentions that bless his water reach out to all beings.  The words below the Buddha on Aerwyn’s new bottle says “Lokah Samasta Sukinoh Bhavantu” which means “May ALL beings be happy and free.

And if you are coming to Maui, and you would like to come visit us at the Blue Love Temple….be sure to get in touch with us by phone or email to set up an appointment.  We have several new items as well as one of a kind unique accessories that are not found in the stores.  Our home studio is Upcountry in Kula on the side of Haleakala Mountain with beautiful views .

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