So many of you have asked….and now Divine Love is here!!  This design was created by the beautiful singer and songwriter Prema Love who has devoted her life to offering her musical talents to the world.  As with any musician, to become really good, it takes lots of time to perfect this art, and to be inspired by the divine to allow new songs to come through.  Prema Love is a special being and her talent runs deep.  This beautiful bottle offering helps to support her on her journey through life as she uplifts and awakens the global community with her sacred songs.

We are so happy that Prema Love is a true Blue Bottle Love devotee….carrying her bottle with her as she travels and performs, and always inspires others by making sure she has good clean water to drink from her Blue Bottle Love glass water bottle.  Many musicians feel too bothered to carry their own bottle, much less a glass bottle. They often opt to accept the plastic water bottles usually provided by different venues where they play.  It is so sad that  many people still think it is OK to imprison water in plastic bottles…and the corporations have made it financially feasible for the one-time use plastic bottle. But this is not the way….glass is undoubtedly the best vessel for water and thank goodness there are beautiful people like Prema Love that get it, and make the extra effort, even when traveling as a musician, to live a green lifestyle and be eco-friendly by using a reusable water bottle.

This design and message of Divine Love is so powerful and potent.  Check out the Divine Love Dolphin that appeared in this image captured on a magical day in Maui!  Dolphins are definitely a symbol of Divine Love….such perfect beings, so intelligent and beautiful.  Many times when photographing the Blue Bottle Love bottles with water in them, whales and other water beings appear in the images captured.  None so perfect though as in this photo!!

Be sure to visit her website as well at  There you will be able to follow her tour dates and appearances at festivals and such, and sign up for her newsletter.  Singing with Prema Love is a true delight, and her powerful voice and unique guitar playing talent will nourish your soul with divine nectar.  Her latest album is called Nectar of Devotion, and it is so beautiful to listen and sing along with!

This design is exclusively available on our online store Gotta Have It!   This allows Prema Love to travel as lightly as possible…instead of carrying extra bottles with her as she travels!  She is now the proud owner of our 5 liter Flower of Life bottle to gather an ample supply of spring water to support her health and well being.  And her Divine Love water bottle goes to every concert and musical offering to keep her hydrated and filled with the frequency of Divine Love!



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