So many people have asked if we are having a discount sale for Black Friday…..and because we are listening and we care…..we decided to create a new kind of sale….focusing on the color BLUE this weekend!  We call this Solar Blue Sunday Sale!  Get 22% off any item on our website that is Blue! Of course that would mean our Blue Glass Water Bottles, and also includes our Blue Love Bath & Body Care products! Enter the code “SOLARBLUE” to receive your discount. Offer good through Monday November 27. 2017 midnight HST.

Blue Bottle Love water bottles honor and bless the Consciousness of Water!  These are the ideal gifts for the holidays! Our team is ready to sandblast and ship out your beautiful bottles!  Be sure to visit the Slings N Things section for our unique carrying slings and straps as well as water structuring devices that Align your Water with the Energy of the Cosmos!

Blue Bottle Love water bottles travel well, as they are thick and durable, unlike most glass water bottles you find in the grocery store.  The glass is at least 1/8″ thick and in some parts of the bottle, it is 1/4″ thick!  Most glass you will find that is clear or colored is usually only 1/16″ thick and easy to break.  The thickness of Blue Bottle Love bottles makes them very sturdy, and yes, maybe a little heavy, but oh so worth it!  To have your water Solarized by the Sun, brought back to Zero Point by the Blue Glass, and Blessed by your chosen Intention is a true delight…making your water super-charged, structured, sweet, smooth and silky!

Keep spreading the word and sharing the LOVE!!  Blue Bottle Love is flowing and growing  around the world.  We are envisioning Blue Bottle Love Europe in 2018 if the energies align!  We are always stoked to see celebrities like Gisele Bundchen enjoying the benefits of Blue Solar Water from Blue Bottle Love!  It would be fantastic for her to be using one of our keyring slings to easily carry her bottle wherever she goes!

One of the favorite aspects of drinking from a Blue Bottle Love bottle is the thick, smooth glass at the mouthpiece.  This feature offers a really nice “mouth-feel” when you drink straight from the bottle. The flip top lid is so convenient, and you never lose the lid!  If you have ever seen a different colored glass bottle, like red or orange or turquoise, be careful about drinking from those bottles.  They also have flip top lids, but their pretty color comes from paint.  This paint tends to wear away, especially around the mouthpiece when drinking from the bottle.  This would indicate that the user is then ingesting small amounts of paint with their water which can be toxic.  With Blue Bottle Love bottles, you can be sure that the glass is real blue glass, through and through!


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