Last weekend an impromptu  phone call came in asking to come by and shop at the Blue Bottle Love Home Studio!  The call came from four women who thought they could be in and out in 15 minutes!  Well, since the last group that stopped by was here for 2 hours, it seemed highly unlikely that they could pick out their favorite designs and explore all that is available here…which is much more expansive than what any of the stores have stocked!  You will find not only almost every design in all the shapes and sizes, but also unique carriers, one of a kind seconds bottles, books and stickers, and new creations in the making.

When these four women arrived, they came to the front door and upon opening the door…I saw  their bright and happy faces, all so excited to be here especially after admiring the beautiful front entrance.  I knew we were going to have some fun in the shop, and yes…we did!  They bought gifts for themselves as well as gifts for others.  Everyone tried out the different kinds of slings and found a style that works for their way of navigating through life.

What is really special about receiving visitors to the studio is the new connections that are made.  This visit was extra special, as one woman lives on Maui, and is interested to work with Blue Bottle Love!  We will see what happens as the company grows and expands.  She is deeply connected to WATER as a Watsu Practitioner.  She bought the Dancing With Water book as well as many bottles for gifts.   Another one of the women comes from St. Louis, and she is considering moving to Maui!  This is the woman dressed in colorful pants..cut in the same style of clothing I love to wear.  She is actually excited to order custom bottles for her retreats!   And the other two women were absolutely adorable.  Their sense of humor and the camaraderie amongst these four friends was a delight to experience.  They happened to come during the Solar Blue Sunday Sale…so they received the special discounts too! At the last minute, they found the colorful art stickers and had to have some of those too!

Even though it can be a bit time consuming to have these visits, it is so rewarding to get to know people and help them to deepen their connection with water.  It is always good to meet people who are waking up and realizing the importance of water.  Blue Bottle Love is such a pleasurable way to really Love Your Water…as it holds the water that you will be drinking in the highest frequency for water.  Cobalt Blue!! Yes True Blue Glass…through and through!  And as I say, “Ideally everyone will stop buying into this plastic water bottle catastrophe that is harming not only our earth but also the consciousness of water! Even if it is heavy and even if it can break, glass is The Best vessel for water!”

At the end of their visit, we stopped by the kitchen upstairs and filled up their bottles with the super-charged water that passes through the Jivara 3-n-1 structuring device . Everyone is in always in awe of the beautiful artwork in my home and the very special altar, and they get to see my beautiful kitchen window that has been filled with Blue Glass Water bottles….long before I began Blue Bottle Love!  We then had to capture some photos in the front garden and temple kitty Tali loved the women so much, she joined us for photos!

So next time you come to Maui…yes! Come to Maui! It is a such a cool island and so high vibrational and spiritually rewarding! Be sure to make an appointment to visit, you will be SO Happy you did!! Water will be happy too!  You can make an appointment by email to or by phone, 808.876.0009.   I look forward to sharing the story of how Blue Bottle Love came to be and getting to know a little more about you when you pick out your favorite new water bottle! Aloha!




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