An interesting topic these days is aligning with the ideal vessel to carry your water.  There are so many different kinds of water bottles on the market these days, and more and more people are coming up with some interesting ways to hold water.  Blue Bottle Love has been out in the world for about 9 years now!  It is quite exciting to be part of this movement away from the plastic water bottle fiasco that has been created by humans.  Now more and more people are waking up and realizing that there actually is NO “AWAY”!  Yes when you throw something away, it does not go “away” for we are all on this planet together!  And everything on it stays here in one form or another.

How does one decide what kind of water bottle they want to use?  Well, basically it comes down to looking at your relationship with water.  What do you think about Water? Do you make Water a priority in your life?  Do you honor and bless your Water?   Do you like to drink it room temperature or cold?  How much Water do you drink each day?  Are you getting enough Water?  Do you realize that Water gave you Life?  Are you grateful for Water?  Do you know that Water is a Conscious Living Being? These are just a few questions that will help guide you to aligning with your perfect water bottle.

With all the choices out there in the reusable water bottle world, it can be challenging to decide.   One way to look at this topic is from the perspective of Water.  If you were water, what kind of vessel would you want to be held in?  Guess what…You are over 70% water, so you basically are water!  Water that is to be used for hydrating living beings has a very special role to fill.  Not only does water serve to hydrate, but it also is a delivery system of frequencies.  Water holds the memory of that which it is shown. And because it is a Conscious Being….water probably would LOVE to be held in a BEAUTIFUL way before entering into the vast world of a human body!  Of course not all water is held in water bottles…but that is a different conversation.

There are several ways to look at this topic of “the beauty way” for carrying water.  Some people look at the outside of water bottles to determine if the look and features of the water bottle appeal to their sense of aesthetics.  Some people only think in a utilitarian way about carrying water, with little regard for how the bottle actually can have a positive or negative effect on the water inside.  Some people care about the cost, the durability, the weight….while other people are totally tuned into how their bottle will enhance their water and make it more delicious and healthy for their bodies to become fully hydrated.

You are invited now to  focus on the INSIDE of your water bottle.  Have a look at the inside of three very popular water bottles on the market these days.  There is the HydroFlask, which is a metal insulated bottle that keeps the contents COLD or HOT.  There is also Life Factory clear glass bottles with a silicone sleeve.  There are several other brands out there that are very similar to these two brands of bottles, so the inside of the bottles will be basically the same.  What can be said of these two views?  Basically it is not that exciting in there.  Water is shielded from everything visually in the HydroFlask and only sees cold metal.  Hmmmm.  These bottles are very utilitarian, and the colors on the outside of the bottles are nice colors for sure.  Inside the Life Factory bottle, water sees through the glass to the outside world, through little holes.  Interesting maybe, but does this energize  water in any special way?  Not so sure about that.  Also, it might feel really refreshing to drink COLD water, but this is not ideal for the inside of our bodies to receive icy cold water.   It is amazing though that the insulated vessels can maintain the desired temperatures of the drinks…for sure a phenomenal feat that so many insulated bottles, all made in China, are capable of!

Another important feature from an aesthetic point of view would be how the bottle feels on your lips.  And also what kind of material are you putting up to your lips?  Do you really want to have a bottle that has a plastic straw sitting in it continuously?  Check out the comparison of mouthpieces on our three types of bottles in this discussion.

Silicone, Metal, Plastic and Glass….these are very different experiences for the mouth to feel.  Hydro Flask chooses to use plastic caps. Plastic is…well plastic, and definitely not the most desirable thing to have your water pass through on its way into your mouth. It is rigid, textured and actually, there are so many varieties of mouthpieces, it is pretty overwhelming to see all the options of plastic caps offered for these reusable water bottles.  They also offer caps with plastic straws always sitting in the water.  You can drink straight from the thin metal bottle as well. The silicone mouthpiece on the LifeFactory bottle is soft and flexible…but it truly is not known just how safe silicone really is for humans.  And then there is glass…and not just any glass, but thick, blue, smooth, rounded edges,  perfectly sized for your lips to enjoy beautiful water entering your mouth with ease and accuracy! Yes, Water will not drip outside your lips when drinking from a blue bottle as the mouthpiece is fairly narrow…but still wide enough to fill easily and to keep clean.  One of our favorite things about drinking from Blue Bottle Love is that you can actually hold the bottle upside down and still drink water from it without spilling!!  Great when you are laying down for sure!


Inside the Water Code Blue Glass Water bottle..learn more about this powerful symbol by clicking one photo.

As for what it looks like inside of Blue Bottle Love water bottles…well that is a whole world unto itself!  Just look inside….it is absolutely gorgeous!!  What a happy, uplifting and joyous environment for water to live in before going into your body!  Water that has the opportunity to live inside a Blue Bottle Love bottle for some time carries with it the frequencies of Divine Consciousness. The Egyptians said that this BLUE is the color of the Heavens.

Viktor Schauberger describes the color of water in its optimal state of purity and vitality as emanating a deep “crystalline blue” color.  And on top of the beautiful color frequency, there is also the effect that the blue CLEARS the frequencies of the water when sunlight enters through the blue glass!  How amazing is that!  And then….you have the gorgeous sandblasted images.  Water inside of Blue Bottle Love actually sees, enjoys and benefits from the frequency of the sandblasted images!  You can even see the images floating on the water!  Yes Water will hold and remember these frequencies, because water speaks the language of reflection!


Whatever your choice of water bottle or water bottles…just know it does not have to be an “either OR situation”.  It is totally OK to have more than one kind of water bottle…and ideally at least one of those bottles  will be Blue Bottle Love, for the beauty and blessings for Water.  Even more ideally would be to have the whole collection of Blue Bottle Love designs to honor and bless Water!  And another good thing to know, you can make Blue Solar Water in Blue Bottle Love bottles and then transfer the water to another vessel and the water will hold its Blue Solar Water structured water energy!

Live Green…Drink Blue!! Blue Bottle Love and Hydro-Flask with our new custom Sticker! Free sticker comes with each purchase!

And just know, this post does not even touch on the cellular, microscopic level…as we have learned from the fantastic work by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  For sure check out the page on our site about him to learn what an amazing gift he has shared with the world in regards to Water.  In the mean time…look at your whole life as if you are Water…and your Life will take on new meaning and flow.  It is truly a beautiful thing this Life….this Love….this Water.

Live Green….Drink Blue!

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