Our Solar Blue Sunday Sale is happening!!  This will definitely be an annual thing…so thank you to all who requested some kind of sale at this time of year!  Get 18% off any item on our website that is Blue! Of course that would mean our Blue Glass Water Bottles, and also includes our Blue Love Bath & Body Care products! Enter the code “SOLARBLUE” to receive your discount.  Offer good through Sunday night Nov. 25 at midnight HST.   And it begins right now!

Great news for those of you who are missing our Liter bottles!!  We have them back on the site now.  They are sold in various Combination packages.  There are limited designs on these because they are already made and waiting for you in Maui, HI.  Yes these babies are enjoying the sunlight and Maui, Hawaii air…so when you receive your package, the vibrations from Maui, HI will be coming to you too!! Be sure to check out the packages too we have created, making it a fun way to receive several Blue Bottle Love bottles in one package.  And please note…for the packages, the shipping price is already included!

SO the story with the 1 liter bottles…these have been our main go to bottle for 10 years now!! They are so special and have such a great shape and nice thick glass for durability.

When we were running low on both the short 500 ml and the 1000 ml bottles at the beginning of 2018, we had to make a major decision…whether to get more Liters or try a new size.  Only when the new size was being considered, did the energy flow.  So it was decided at that time to allow the Liters to run out by the end of 2018.  And here we are….with about 200 left!

From the reactions so far, there are a lot of people who want to see us continue with the Liters forever.       After this holiday season, it will be evident if we shall order right away or allow more people to get used to the really awesome 750 ml bottles.  Your feedback is welcome.  Please send a note to us.

As the liters are located only in Maui, HI at this time, we decided to make shipping packages from Hawaii that already include the shipping costs to mail from Maui.  If  you order other items, you may incur other costs for shipping. If we can combine shipments and save money on shipping, we will be sure to pass the savings on to you by sending you a refund.

Please note that we may run out of a design if several people order the same.  In that case, we will contact you asap to modify your order.  Stock will be released to customers in the order of the confirmed sale.

Blue Bottle Love water bottles honor and bless the Consciousness of Water!  These are the ideal gifts for the holidays and beyond! Our team is ready to sandblast and ship out your beautiful bottles!

Be sure to visit the Slings N Things section for our newly dyed Hemp Strap Slings.  So many fun colors and sizes!  We also have amazing Jivara Water Structuring Devices  that Align your Water with the Energy of the Cosmos! We are happy to announce, you will receive a free Blue Bottle Love bottle of your choice when you purchase any of the Jivara water structuring devices!

Blue Bottle Love water bottles travel well, as they are thick and durable, unlike most glass water bottles you find in the grocery store.  The glass is at least 1/8″ thick and in some parts of the bottle, it is 1/4″ thick!  Most glass you will find that is clear or colored is usually only 1/16″ thick and easy to break.  The thickness of Blue Bottle Love bottles makes them very sturdy, and yes, maybe a little heavy, but oh so worth it!

To have your water Solarized by the Sun, brought back to Zero Point by the Blue Glass, and Blessed by your chosen Intention is a true delight…making your water super-charged, structured, sweet, smooth and silky!

And of course you must have noticed….the beautiful new turtle and dolphins gracing these bottles!  Our latest designs honoring our friends in the Ocean.  Our next blog will tell you much more about these two new designs, but you can be sure, the water is really delicious drinking from them!!  Check them out in our online store.

Keep spreading the word and sharing the LOVE!!  Blue Bottle Love is flowing and growing  around the world.  The expansion to Europe is happening slowly but surely!  Exciting new alignments within the Blue Ray frequency are happening that will bring together very interesting collaborations and expansion!    Thank you for blessing your water with Blue Bottle Love!!  Aloha!!


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