Always Choose Love!

Yes!!! LOVE comes to us and through us in so many ways…it does not have to be just one way or no way. For sure though, love cannot be planned. It cannot be explained. It is an energy that is the strongest in the universe and it can make people do seemingly crazy things! Madly in Love…what does this mean?  If someone is mad,  then they are experiencing an extremely strong emotion … and so the expression Madly in Love translates to a extreme amount of love bursting through … wiping out any other emotions and thoughts of others! Maybe this is the energy of the Love Swirl design, one of the first of the Blue Bottle Love Line started in 2009. This design represents  the swirling dancing essence of passionate love taking us to the extremes! It actually makes sense that this Love Swirl design came about as it did, for that aligns with the heart space of Blue Bottle Love FoundHer, Kayden Radhe, while she was first designing the line! Yes she was pretty much madly In Love … not only with a special friend…but also with these amazing Blue Glass Water bottles….originally named!  So much creativity and passion and drive and  poetry came through her, and YES…at the time, she did some crazy things!! This is what LoVE can do!!

The linear kind of LOVE spelled out boldly and distinctly for all to recognize and respect the powerful frequency that this word is … was released in 2016 … when it felt like Blue Bottle Love was really about to go BIG! Magical photo shoots with this big blue bottle of LOVE happened at Iao Valley with the sunlight beaming through in colorful ways! This was just days before the big storm on Maui that collapsed the parking lot and damaged many homes in the valley. The park was then closed for a year! And the drinking water has not been the same there since! Before it was natural spring water that went through minimal processing and was available at the fountains. Now the water there is chlorinated! Yikes!   So many people enjoyed getting spring water there!

This is all  to say that Blue Bottle Love Bottles are spreading around the world and blessing the consciousness of water💦 That is because we are Flowing and Growing just as our Logo represents. So Our Love Logo design can be described as Love that is Flowing and Growing in a Hexagonally Crystalline, Structured kind of wAy!! Pretty ideal for water and for us💙🌿🙏🏽.

There are SO many ways to love. And in the words of another friend who shared this very important message …. “Love cannot be given or received, it is discovered and allowed.”   If one opens their heart to LOVE….then all kinds of LOVE can come through!! You don’t always get to choose which kind….it just happens!   But with Blue Bottle Love….you can at least choose between our two Love offerings, Love Swirl and Love Logo or both….to honor and bless the consciousness of WATER!!  We hope that you ALWAYS CHOOSE to LOVE WATER!

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