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Thank you for honoring the Consciousness of Water with Blue Bottle Love!!

The Soulstice period is about 3 days and is the power of renewal and reconnection to the source … to light …

 The combination of Light and Water bringing life to all.

The ancients measured the flow of life in the flow of the seasons, the rhythms of the sun, moon and earth.

Rituals arose out of our need to honor and celebrate the flow of life.

Simple rituals done with presence and heart have great transforming power, wherever we are.

These are powerful moments in our tender human journey, each thought, each word, each action affects the whole.

So may we hold our tender world and each other with compassion on this Sousltice and each day and offer our prayers for all to the heart of the Sun.

Peace to All.
Life to All.
Love to All.
Joy to All.

Thank you Saul David Raye for these simple and potent Solstice thoughts that came to my screen in just the same time as I was seeking some words to share here to align with the energy of the cosmos….I could not have said it better, so I took the liberty to quote you.   Your words carry the wisdom and compassion that will light up the cosmos!

Lokah Samasta Sukinoh Bhavaintu 

We are ONE….connected through the Sacredness of Life.

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