The 5 LITER bottles will be here soon!! So much time, energy and focus it has taken to make this a reality!  If you only knew…..all the hours and emails and late nights and passion and focus it has taken to make these bottles for water ~ beautiful water ~ thank you water for guiding this journey!   Everyone is asking for these 5 liter bottles….and now they are almost here!  And Blue Bottle Love has the exclusive feature on these beauties…that you will not find anywhere else!  Yes….the big surprise is now revealed!   A Swing Top closure for these beauties!  No more cap that falls off and breaks or gets lost!  No need to look for a cork or other closure….this one will always be on the bottle!  And the glass is nice and thick and absolutely stunning!  As everyone has waited so patiently…It seems  appropriate to make a PreSale and offer these bottles and all bottles and all things BLUE on the site during our annual Solar Blue Sunday Sale!  Use coupon SOLARBLUE at checkout!  The 5 liter bottles will not ship until January 2020 though!

A surprising and magical part of the journey of these 5 Liter bottles involved a trip to Italy to meet the producers of all the glass used by Blue Bottle Love! Yes…we have finally all met, and what a pleasure it was to finally connect with the people behind these exquisite bottles!  Their office was behind an ancient gate with a lovely courtyard.  And inside the beautiful old building, there was a room filled with bottles and bottles of all sizes and shapes and colors! What I thought might be a simple meeting turned into a delightful afternoon of delicious Italian pizza for lunch, and dynamic and inspiring conversation, reminiscing about certain misunderstandings that turned out to be blessings,  and sharing about all kinds of things, related to eco-friendly visions and ideas for expansion and inspiration

This European journey also included a meeting with a beautiful female Italian sandblaster!  This is very exciting news, as soon the expansion to Europe will begin in 2020!  Blue Bottle Love is being stewarded and supported energetically by so many amazing water beings.  Everywhere, there is a connection through Water…and Blue Bottle Love  bottles are ideal for Water…and everyone gets it!

And so it goes….following the Flow of Water throughout Europe, after meeting with the sandblaster, then it was a drive to northern Italy, in a beautiful town with fresh cold mountain Water flowing continuously in the town center.  What a delight for this water lover who never bought one bottle of water the whole 2 weeks!!  And with the 5 liter bottle in hand as well as my UMH LIVE, the possibility to fill it up with this precious and delicious water was quite exhilarating! And drinking it…wow, I was finally hydrated..almost at the end of the trip!

Actually the meeting in this beautiful village had to do with photographing frozen Water Crystals  formed in Blue Bottle Love bottles!  Yes…now there is proof that these bottles can do amazing things for water!  Of course this has been a “given”, but to then see the magical crystals that have formed by being inside a variety of Blue Bottle Love bottles…WOW!!  They all came out strikingly different from each other and very much aligned with the design on the bottle!  So fascinating and empowering and joyful to have these images to share and make beautiful artful images with!

These water crystal images are so very precious!  Only 6 have been made so far!  In the coming blog posts and social media, I will share the others!  It is difficult to decide which water crystal to share with you first!  They are all so unique and intriguing.  As Dr. Masaru Emoto says, ” Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is the blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single positive thought.”

In honor of calling in the RAIN element for the healing of our planet, in just the right amount where it is needed the most, I invite you to tune in to the frequency of  The Water Code….a symbol shared in the book The Water Code, by Rainey Highley…and the Water Code Crystal photography by Rainer Niederkofler of Italy.  Words are no longer needed…Enjoy what water is revealing here in the silence of the Water Crystal Codes!



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