Potent Water Drop on this beautiful day on this planet…honoring that which covers over 70% of the planet and makes up our beings 99 % by molecular count!   Honoring Water Consciousness is a true gift to experience.  We have been very busy here at Blue Bottle Love as more and more people are waking up to the magic of Water and wanting to revere Water in new and special ways.  Blue Bottle Love is definitely one of those VERY SPECIAL WAYS to honor Water!!

Be sure to visit to join the World Water Gathering which is a LIVE broadcast all day March 22, 2021, through Facebook to share water consciousness and other teachings and relationships with Water!

In partnership with this event, we are offering a special Custom Liter bottle with the logo MANAVAI…We Are Water.  Check it out…this is a powerful message to share with the World to raise the Collective Consciousness as well as your relationship to Water.

This beautiful song and video by Prema Love and Kayden Radhe, foundHer of Blue Bottle Love,  will help us all truly get how Blue Bottle Love has a powerful relationship!!  We have actual Water Crystals made from Water in Blue Bottle Love bottles,  that show just how much Water is Listening, and this video and song is to be shared far and wide!   The song is also on our Raise the Vibration link on our Water Love playlist.



  • Bethann Keck says:

    I really interesting the blue bottle ( Awaking and other Love of the design of the blue bottle…. Also, I am not sure if I able order ( buy ) 2 as one Awaking and other Love of blue bottles and wondering if there any medium or large size?

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