About Kayden

Meet the FoundHer of Blue Bottle Love, Kayden Radhe.   She is a woman dedicated to sharing the eco-friendly beauty and high vibration frequency of these blue glass water bottles which serve to enhance and heal the consciousness of water.   She lives in Maui, Hawaii in her Blue Bottle Love Temple Home.   She is totally IN LOVE with bringing Blue Bottle Love to the world!  This has become a fully encompassing passion, and the love keeps growing!  “Flowing and Growing” is one of her favorite things to say…and that is exactly what is happening!

The energy behind these bottles…as well as the beauty of these bottles has captured practically all of her attention, and she absolutely loves to focus on these babies — leading to some pretty magical photos in the Blue Bottle Love world.  All images of the bottles on this site have been photographed with her full adoration…  so you too can see and feel the high vibration frequencies coming through each bottle as seen through Kayden’s unique perspective.

Blue Bottle Love consumes much of her day~from designing, handling customer service, to capturing photos, to website updates,  to purchasing, to fulfilling orders….she can do it ALL, but when she is not focusing on the bottles,  you may find her in some intriguing  positions doing Contact Partner Yoga, or dancing on the beach or at Ecstatic Dance, or playing Frisbee or Smashball at one of Maui’s beautiful beaches or parks.  She also offers private Contact Dance/Yoga classes at her Temple Home.

If you are on Maui, Kayden invites you to make an appointment to  shop at her home studio for an engaging shopping experience with the full array of designs and accessories.  Her home in Kula has expansive and gorgeous views of the islands, and the energy of her living~work space is very healing to all who enter.  Visit the Contact Us     to make an appointment.  If you come during the winter months, you may be lucky enough to be gifted some amazing citrus fruit from her beautiful and  organic backyard!

Please enjoy meeting Kayden Radhe in her interview with Jasmine Laurenti of The JL Show that took place in Sept of 2019 in Milan, Italy.  The film version is forthcoming, but for now, enjoy these beautiful words and voices speaking for the Consciousness of Water!

Photo Credit for this Page:  Prema Love

Location:  Iao Valley, Maui, HI