About Us


Blue Bottle Love is about loving and honoring your water.We LOVE water and we LOVE life…and we know that life comes from water…and without water, there would be no life. Water is the medium for miraculous transformation and the mother of ALL life. Honoring our water and actually directing our attention and intentions towards water will have a powerful impact on the frequency of water.

blue-bottle-love-magic-01Blue Bottle Love is more than just drinking out of beautiful blue glass water bottles. Blue Bottle Love is a passion for living a conscientious lifestyle, caring about the aesthetics of ALL we do, as well as what effect we have on our planet by our actions and our habits.

A Blue Bottle Love is a calling to understanding and living the sacred way. It is inviting each of us to open into collective blessing and prayer for our waters of the earth. As we bring our intention to the water we drink, we are awakening to the inherent power of our hearts. When the water we intake is fully alive and infused with a prayer it instantly promotes healing and clearing of what is not serving us anymore. As we each become more conscious in honoring the earth, our waters and the way we live each day, each moment, we ripple that resonance out to others; whispering to each other into remembering the sacred way.

powerful-energy-blue-bottle-loveWe each are invited to create our own mantras as we drink our water for the benefit of our own healing and everyone around us. Thus we become a living prayer, an awakened heart committed to love, peace and connection. Each moment we are at choice…where do we channel our thoughts and our heart. Each moment we have the power to choose what connects us — what includes, welcomes, opens, embraces…this is an invitation beyond making a better, more sustainable, environmentally friendly choice of a glass bottle, this is an invitation to live in the sacred way, to listen, to notice how we approach each moment, how do we participate in the healing of all living things.

This is an invitation to touch life and be touched by life, to live like water: connecting, moving in the world from deep sensitivity, listening, clarity and fluidity, acting from the deep grounded knowing of your hearts’ truth and following that wholeheartedly. This is a silent call for you to become in service of humanity, our planet and to awaken to your true purpose.