Blue Bottle Love Shapes and Sizes

A Timeline and Comparison of the Shapes, Sizes and Weights of our Bottle Offerings

Here is a timeline and visual comparison of all of the personal size bottles past and present.

The dimensions and weight of the bottles empty and full will help you decide which sizes are best for you.

Since our beginnings in 2009, we have offered the Liter (34 oz) and the Short 1/2 liter (17 oz).

In 2014, we introduced the Tall 1/2 liter bottle (17 oz) which fits into ALL car cup holders and so we had 3 shapes in 2 sizes available.

In 2018, we introduced the new Medium 750 ml (25 oz) and the Liter and Short 1/2 liter have now almost been completely sold out!

Someday we may make the Short 1/2 liters again, but for now, the 750 ml are an epic size for carrying water and they have this same shape which so many people LOVE!

It is now 2020, and we are looking to order  the Liter bottles by popular demand! It will however, be the end of the year before they will be available!  If you are reading this note to here, this means you really love the Liters.  Please contact us now, we have a very limited stock of Liters, discovered in the storage.  They are not perfect bottles, they have some kind of dimple or scratch, but the sandblast will be perfect, as we still make those to order.  Email to inquire.

They are lovely and it is so nice to have a great variety of sizes to choose from!  We will continue with the 750 ml and the 500 ml Tall 1/2 liters.


So for now, only the middle two bottles are available

for Wholesale Orders and for Online orders

where you can choose whatever design you like.

The 5 Liter size bottles are now available in our SHOP! 


We  have an extremely small amount of the Liters and Short 1/2 liters available  for those who make an appointment to visit the home studio in Maui, Hi.  If you would like to arrange a visit, please write to us here. 

In 2017, we introduced the beautiful 5 Liter Jugs which have been very popular!  They are now ready for  Sale and Shipping!!