Blue Bottle Love Shapes and Sizes

A Timeline and Comparison of the Shapes, Sizes and Weights of our Bottle Offerings

Here is a timeline and visual comparison of all of the personal size bottles past and present.

The dimensions and weight of the bottles empty and full will help you decide which sizes are best for you.

Since our beginnings in 2009, we have offered the Liter (34 oz) and the Short 1/2 liter (17 oz).

In 2014, we introduced the SKINNY 1/2 liter bottle (17 oz) which fits into ALL car cup holders  and so we had 3 shapes in 2 sizes available.   As of Feb 1, 2022  we SOLD OUT of this size! But GOOD NEWS!!!
August of 2022 is the production of a new batch of these bottles, so we will have stock for a good long time once they start arriving by  March 2023.

In 2018, we introduced the new Medium 750 ml (25 oz) and these bottles are very popular

Someday we may make the Short 1/2 liters again, but for now, the 750 ml size is an epic size for carrying water, and they have this same shape which so many people LOVE!

IN Other very exciting news for our European customers.… Our  European Site is UP!!  Please visit to purchase.  We will be expanding this site over the coming months and distributing with various distributors around Europe, include Lilou Mace!  Stay tuned for more info!  Our EU website offers the 5 LITER size and currently offers the 1 Liter and 750 ml bottles.

The 1000 ml, 750 ml, 500ml and genie bottles are all available on our site!!
And the 5Liter size are now available!  Yippee!!!
The website lists the 5Liter bottles as a separate items from all the other sizes…
5LIter SandBlasted
5Liter Plain 

We do have a limited amount of 5Liters, so the Plain 5Liter are limited to 4 Plain bottles to each customer.   Thank you so much for sharing the goodness with others!   And…if you are reading carefully, just know that coming through hopefully before the halides…a  new size!  The 2Liter Jug, a mini-me 5Liter!   They will have Screw Cap fitting.  This is a size many people have asked for over and over throughout the years, so finally we have an opportunity to try them out here in USA!!!

If you find yourself on Maui,  you can make an appointment to visit the home studio in Maui, Hi. for the most variety and unique things not offered on the site.   If you would like to arrange a visit, please write to us here. 

In 2017, we introduced the beautiful 5 Liter Jugs which have been very popular!  Our original bottles had screw top lids.  Now we have the Exclusive Swing Top lids that are never lost and always ON the bottle.  You may easily remove the swing top lid though for pouring or for setting this bottle upside down on a dispenser.  See the photos for more info.   These bottles are about 5lbs empty and 15lbs full.  7″ diameter and 14″ H