blue bottle love honoring the magic of water

How Blue Bottle Love Came To Be

This is a Love Story that began as a divine transmission of liquid Cobalt Blue Ray Frequency that was beamed straight into Kayden Radhe, foundHer of Blue Bottle Love.  Yes, we can actually say that Blue Bottle Love found Her!   This energy poured into her in an endless stream of pure liquid love from Source.  This powerful transmission took place when a dear friend, just back from India, offered her Deeksha.
The transmission was like a deluge of the most beautiful feelings of pure BLUE BLISS pouring forever into her soul.  She did not want it to ever end…and so it continues on to this day in the form of Blue Bottle Love!   This gift of love from Source has turned out to be a gift to all of humanity. Blue Bottle Love is here to  honor and bless every molecule of water that  passes through these bottles, and thus ALL water, for ALL water is connected.

“conception” by Schim Schimmel 1989

Blue Bottle Love was born from a love so deep and so blue like the magnificent oceans of our planet….it comes from the divine Womb of Consciousness.  Blue Bottle Love is here for the awakening of humans…to rememember who they are and why they came here.  Each bottle carries with it a continuation of the divine frequencies that flowed into Kayden’s soul that day in the summer of 2007 in Maui, Hawaii.

 The journey since that special moment has been a path that began with a desire to share water, life giving water.  Swirling and splashing and drizzling and dancing, Kayden pours her heart into every aspect of bringing these blue bottles out into the world! was the original name these bottles were known by when she launched them in 2009 after a year of persistence and determination, knowing that these bottles had to be created.  This name is the synergistic blend of symbols, blue solar water, and ecology.  Kayden loves making up fun words, and this was a nice play on three primary aspects of what the bottles are about, but a bit of a tongue-twister for some people!  The bottles started making their way across the mainland USA in 2010 in health food stores, yoga studios, boutiques and various conscious music festivals.

As these bottles were becoming more and more popular, it became apparent that the name of the company should be changed to something easier to remember and say!  So Blue Bottle Love was officially born in 2011, and from that point on,  we have been flowing and growing!

And this love story keeps on growing everyday! Water has so much to share with us as it is a highly evolved species holding billions of years of planetary history within its molecular structure.  Kayden has given herself fully to this Blue Bottle Love mission, and water is teaching her more and more everyday, and she is listening and learning. She invites you to expand your consciousness, and tap into the frequency of water everyday by honoring water through prayer and positive intentions. Blue Bottle Love is a true blue ally in helping to raise the collective consciousness towards water and all of life. Water thanks you for your conscientious attention, and will reflect back and remember all that you are!

Blue Bottle Love truly is an Act of Love for you and for our Planet!