Our Water Friends

Water is Life and Life is Love!  Yes We LOVE Water here at Blue Bottle Love….and we know that Water is LOVE!  This is the reason we are making Blue Bottle Love..to honor and serve the consciousness of water.  WE believe everyone in the world deserves to have access to clean water. And we support and donate money to several Water Cause Organizations as we are introduced to them.  We also love to share links to our friends who have important Water Resources and products that honor the consciousness of Water as well.


Find A Spring website
Find A Spring    This is the GO TO Website for finding a local fresh Water Spring wherever you are in the world!   It is such an important site for sourcing Water straight from Mother Earth!   Be sure to check it out! There is nothing more rewarding than gathering your own spring water!  Blue Bottle Love bottles are the ideal vessel for collecting the water…especially the 5 Liter size!



Loving Waters is a growing community of Water Stewards coming together in remembrance of our primary relationship.  Water as Life ~ Life is Water…Remembering Water comes first, we love, honor and celebrate The Sacred Essential Source of All Life.  Loving Waters encourages simple acts of gratitude, both as individuals and in our communities, with the intention of expanding our awareness, remembering we are responsible for cherishing and nurturing Our Essential Source Water.  The Water First Stewardship Community engages Watershed educational campaigns, practices, media, and shared sacred heart ceremonies to open significant pathways of healing and reconciliation within Our Beloved Source Water thru All Life.     In sending this LOVE to the life-nourishing intelligence of  Our One Water, we commit all our actions to Our Children.  We have partnered with Loving Waters to create a beautiful sandblast Blue Bottle Love of their gorgeous logo!!  You can find Loving Waters Custom Design in our shop and is available in all sizes!


The Waterbearers       This is a beautiful organization that brings clean water options to communities around the world.  Please visit their website to learn more and go ahead and donate…it feels good to share water this way!! 100% of your donation goes to The Waterbearers partner Waves For Water, a US registered 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, who deliver sustainable filter systems in 38 countries. The donation process is fast, easy and secure



Veda Austin 
A beautiful water researcher from New Zealand specializing in crystallography.  Her findings are spectacular.  Please visit her site to experience the extraordinary images she has captured through influence and photography.  She has a deep relationship with water….revealing that water has intelligence.  Her book the Secret Intelligence of Water is a must read!  Be sure to visit her website, her research is quite remarkable!




Alive Water Alive Water  supplies beautiful water vessels in large sizes for dispensing and gathering Spring Water as well as any other water.  They also have a superb Alive Water Spring Water Delivery service to the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas.  If you are interested in either of these, be sure to click on the link to receive 15% discount off your first order of glassware and/or Spring Water Delivery!




Turtle Island Restoration Network   We donate regularly to this wonderful group who help to protect sea turtles, whales, salmon, and other marine species from extinction and suffering.  You can too!  Combining science and people power, they have saved more than 1 million baby sea turtles, convinced 20 nations to improve their fishing practices, and protected more than 250,000 square miles of ocean. Our HonuPonoPono Turtle bottle was specially designed for supporting the Restoration of the Turtle populations around the world.  By purchasing this design and using the bottle to charge the frequency of your water, you are directly supporting both financially and energetically for humans to do “the right thing” in regards to the Turtles and other incredible Sea Life.  Thank you!