121 Tribe CUSTOM Logo


  • Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy.

  • Our logo flip top cap is BPA-free, leak-proof, & always ON the bottle.

  • Deeply sandblasted symbols etched in USA.

  • Thick, break resistant glass is durable and reusable.

  • Water stays fresh and clean and more hydrogen rich.


121 TRIBE custom Logo

A special request partnership logo for the 121 Tribe led by Darin Olien and the 121 Team.  With Darin sharing of Blue Bottle Love as one of his “Brands I Love” …..and promoting in other ways,  such as on the Rich Roll Podcast, has really been an excellent boost of exposure and positive energy flow for Blue Bottle Love.   The 121 Tribe is group of individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle transformation for themselves and for the plantet, through ongoing membership and online Camp programs, learning from Unique people that are passionate health advocates, influencers, athletes, bloggers and incredible wellness warriors who have collectively inspired millions of people to transform their lifestyle. The 121 Tribe program combines all of this knowledge and experience into one place, for a deep transformative learning for you and for the Planet!

Blue Bottle Love is honored to produce a bottle that enhances the frequency of the water and informs the water with the frequency of the 121Tribe vibe during the Camp and beyond.  The water will be programmed with the transformative energy of participating in the 121Tribe Camp!

Choose from our Large Liter, Medium 750 ml, or SKINNY 500ml with the 121 Tribe by itself.

You also have the choice to have this design be a” SIDE 2 “of any design you see on the rest of the site.
Simply purchase the Design of your choice in the SHOP, and then purchase the “SIDE 2 121Tribe”.  Very Important, if you order more than one bottle, please specify in the notes which bottle you want the side 2 on. OF course if you order 2 or more bottles, and you order the same amount of “Side 2 121Tribe” options, then it will be obvious that each bottle receives the 121 Tribe logo.  Please note, this option does not apply to the 5 Liter size at this time.

Thank you to all the team members who made this idea come to life!  This is offered at a very special price!

To increase the energy and frequency of your Water, be sure to set your bottle,  filled with the cleanest water you have access to, in the sun for 15 minutes up to 1 hour to amplify the energy. Please leave a little room for expansion of the water…so it is best to leave 1″ of space at the top of the bottle.  You can also just set the cap on the bottle, rather than sealing it.

Water is Listening and Truthfully Revealing ALL that it sees and hears!  Water is Conscious…and Vibrationally Healing!


Additional information

Weight N/A
Bottle Design

Side 2 ADD On, 121 Tribe Liter 34 oz, 121 Tribe 750 ml/25 oz, 121 Tribe Skinny 500 ml/17 oz


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