Black Caps for our Previous 5 Liter Bottle


  • Replacement Cap for our first batch of 5 Liter Bottles
  • Made of Phenolic Plastic.
  • Made in Europe.
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These caps fit only our first batch of 5 LITER bottles that we brought in at the end of 2017 and all through 2018.  We did not have any 5 Liter size available throughout 2019.  Now our 5 Liter size bottles have Swing Top lids…so there is no reason to order these caps, unless you previously purchased the 5 Liter size from us pre 2020.

PLEASE NOTE:   These caps will NOT FIT our 5 LITER SwingTOP bottles that are currently sold on the site.

These black phenolic caps are very nice and useful, but for some reason they can break more easily than we would like them to do so.  Please be careful with your bottle so it does not fall over.   Tune in to your cap while filling bottle so you can seal your bottle. These caps are extremely challenging to find.  They are only made in Europe and there is really only one cap made that fits these bottles!

You could always use a cork if you are waiting for your replacement caps.

Be sure to keep your bottle upright so that your water is not touching the inside of the cap.

We will send you 2 caps just to make sure you will have a back up!

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