4 bottles…One of Each Size Package


Get One of Each of our 4 size bottles

  • All 4 of our personal size water bottles.
  • Savings of $ when you choose from these options.
  • Share with friends or start your collection.
  • Ships from Blue Bottle Love Maui, HI  Home Studio.
  • Shipping within the US is included in full price of this package.

4 Bottles…One of Each Size

Here is an excellent way to get one of each size drinking bottle for all your various needs and ways.  Share with friends and family or keep all for yourself!  This is an excellent opportunity to have a full array of sizes.  Of course, all of the designs might not be available…..but this is a great price and opportunity!

Be sure to select each design from the drop down menu. If  you happen to choose a design that sells out before we can update the site, we will contact you for another option.  Thank you for your understanding and flexibility in this situation.  Be sure to order early to get the best selection.

The short 1/2 liters will soon be a collectors item and we have the least range of designs available.  The Liters have the second least amount of choices of designs, but we still have a nice supply left.  Not to worry though, we have lots and lots of the new 750 ml which is a fantastic size bottle in both shape, function, durability, mobility, and the designs look really nice and big on this bottle!  We have the full range of stock available for this bottle.  The Tall 1/2 liter bottles, which fit into ALL car cup holders, has a nice range of bottle design choices available.

We look forward to seeing what great combinations you choose!  Thank you so much for blessing water with Blue Bottle Love!


The pricing is based on $36/ liter, $33 /750 ml, $30/Tall 1/2 liter, $30 Short 1/2 liter plus $12 shipping for a total of $141.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
34 oz/ Liter Bottle Design

Aloha, Buddha, Ganesh, Mermaid

25 oz / 750 ml Bottle Design

Abundance, Awakening, Balance, Be the Change, Buddha, Divine Harmony, Flower of Life, Ganesh, Mermaid, Merkaba Dolphins, Moksha, Om, Seed of Life Vitality, Sri Yantra, Triskelion

17 oz / 500 ml TALL Bottle Design

Abundance, Aloha, Ascension Alchemy, Awakening, Balance, Be the Change, Buddha, Divine Harmony, Flower of Life, Ganesh, Gratitude, Ho\'oponopono LGCF, Ho\'oponopono Phrase, Mermaid, Love Swirl, Love Logo, Om, Seed of Life Vitality, Sri Yantra, Triskelion, Water Code, Water is Life is Love

17 oz / 500 ml SHORT Bottle Design

Be the Change, Sri Yantra, Triskelion, Water Code, Wisdom


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