Blue Love Conditioner


  • 100% Plant Based Ingredients: Spring Water, Soap Nut, Pineapple,  Kaffir Lime, Indian Laurel Leaf, Dillenia Indica, Rice Bran Powder,  Cacao, Cinnamon, Coffee, Vanilla, and Effective Micro-Organisms.
  • Contains NO: Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Sodium Laurel Ethyl Sulfate, Artificial Colors, Propylene GlycolParabens, Petrochemicals and also…NO ANIMAL TESTING
  • Available in 11 oz  Blue Glass Genie Bottle with pump or Liter Bulk bottle
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We are so happy to share this unique and amazing hair and body conditioner with you.  We are so proud of the clean ingredients in them that they are on the Front of the bottle!!  This is an amazing conditioner because it is made completely of all natural plant based ingredients combined with effective micro-organisms.  Your hair will feel soft and happy!  Yes you will have happy hair!  This formula is also an excellent shaving cream for men and women.  The ingredients are so gentle as well as moisturizing.

Please try the Hair & Body formula as well as the All Purpose Soap…you will not be disappointed!!  We just found another dozen of the Liter bottles!!  And we will be bringing in more!

Contains NO: Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Sodium Laurel Ethyl Sulfate, Artificial Colors, Propylene GlycolParabens, Petrochemicals and also…NO ANIMAL TESTING

You might notice, there is nothing on there that you cannot pronounce and it all is actually edible ingredients.  You might have also noted, there is no fragrance. We encourage you to add your own essential oil in a scent you enjoy.  The scent of this is very earthy and some people love it as is, and some choose to enhance it.  Each top has a small dispensing lid to make it easy to squeeze out the right amount without spilling.  This cap can be pried off with a butter knife so you can add your own essential oil to it.  The Effective Micro-Organisms have a definite effect on the product and it changes over time.  But it does not go bad and it provides amazing conditioning for your hair and for body when you use as a shave cream.  This product is thick and creamy.

Blue Bottle Love has expanded to offer you Blue Love as we are in constant gratitude for our beautiful Earth and her life-giving waters, both within and around us.

Join us in an “earth-saving revolution”*, by using our  Blue Love Home and Body Care products which combine a full spectrum of beneficial microflora with 100% plant ingredients to get you, your home, and all your spaces clean and sparkly!

Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies– like a sponge it absorbs everything it touches. Blue Love’s protective probiotics, aka Effective Micro-Organisms (EMOs), nourish the skin’s natural protective layer without stripping it away.

And Blue Love is beyond biodegradable! EMOs help create a life-enhancing environment in the waste stream, allowing all levels of Life to flourish, from microbes to plants, trees, critters and more.

*as stated by Dr. Teruo Higa.

Directions:  Use after washing hair by applying desired amount of conditioner to hair, rinse. Also works well as a shaving cream. You may add your own essential oils to personalize the scent.  We do not add any fragrances. All of our Blue Love products are ideal for babies, too.


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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 11 in

Genie Bottle w/black plastic pump, Genie Bottle w/Gold Stainless Steel Pump, 1 Liter bottle


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