Ceremonial Genie Cup


  • Made from Upcycled Genie Bottles
  • Holds 8 oz of your chosen drink
  • For Tea, Cacao, and of course Water Ceremonies
  • Fits  perfectly in the palm of hand 3″ x 3.25″
  • Stackable Cups for storage and easy serving

A dream come true….these Genie Bottles just keep on Giving!   After being inspired by the Upcycled Cups from Wild Tonic, the Genie Bottles said….hey, we wanna be CUPS too!!   And So it has happened!  Much to the delight of EVERYONE that sees them and drinks out of them…they are being made in Maui, Hawaii by REVIVE Glassworks!   This is truly the most elegant and ceremonial cup that could ever be!

These beautiful cups have a bright future as they are durable and strong and dishwasher safe.  Great for ceremonies as they are easy to carry several at a time by tucking your finger under the lip and holding several at a time.  Every aspect of these cups have been “meant to be” and we are delighted to offer them to you!  Buy 1 or more and enjoy the magic of drinking from a Genie Cup that just feels so perfect in your hands!

Stay tuned for more offerings with these cups, as we are just getting started! We  had to put them onto the site for this lovely holiday season!  More photos and testimonials to come!

The cups stand 3″ tall and 3.25″ Diameter.  They are true blue glass through and through and are dishwasher safe.

Please note that 2 CUPS are  pictured, but pricing is for each cup.  Due to the shape of the bottle, these are extremely challenging to cut and polish and achieve this perfect size cup that is flame polished and annealed.  While we strive to make each glass the same, due to the nature of the bottles, each glass has its own unique personality and may be slightly different when compared to others.

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Weight 1 lbs


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