Crocheted Hemp Sling


Organic Hemp Sling  

  •  Organic Fair Trade
  •  Handmade in Nepal
  •  Eco~Chic way to carry your water
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This is an excellent carrier for your Blue Bottle Love bottles.  They also work well with other bottles too.  Hemp is a very strong material, and these are hand crocheted in Nepal.  We love supporting our Nepal crafters by bringing these in for Blue Bottle Love.  What is also fantastic about them is that sunlight can still reach your bottle while you are using it, so you will be able to make Blue Solar Water while you are out and about!

Carrying a hemp bag is eco-chic and empowers your water with the positive vibrations of Hemp as well.  

The straps are EXTRA Long…the FULL length of the strap is 42″  or else 21″ from top of bag to top of shoulder.  It is easily long enough to carry the bottle over your shoulder or across your body for extra comfort.  

LARGE : fit our LITER bottles nicely and are quite large so they also fit  other bottles too and have a drawstring built in.  We have a limited supply of these.  Sack measures 4″ W x 10″ H

MEDIUM  slings fit the new 750 ml bottle perfectly.  They have a built in drawstring too.  These also fit Quart Mason Jars perfectly.  Sack measures 4″ W x 8″ H

ONE SIZE FITS ALL is a new option.  We asked our supplier for SMALL and we received LONG ones instead, but still nice and narrow.  The Liters and 750 ml fit nice and snug in them and the Tall 1/2 liters and Short 1/2 liters fit a little loose, but nice and deep inside these very well made bags.  There is no drawstring.  Sack measures 3.5″ D x 10″ H

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Weight .25 lbs
Crocheted Hemp Sling

Large fits1 liter, Medium fits 750 ml, One Size Fits ALL


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