Divine Love by Prema Love


  • Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy.

  • Our logo flip top cap is BPA-free, leak-proof, & always ON the bottle.

  • Deeply sandblasted symbols etched in USA.

  • Thick, break resistant glass is durable and reusable.

  • Water stays fresh and clean and more oxygenated.

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Divine Love

This design is an offering to the world and to water by Prema Love,  singer and songwriter who offers sacred music for global awakening.  Be sure to visit her site www.premalovemusic.com to learn more about her and get a little taste of her musical talents.

Everyone who sees this design is drawn to the potent frequency it brings.  According to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a master teacher of the ancient Hawai`ian practice of Ho`oponopono, he offers this message:


Allow yourself to take this image in and feel the energy and frequency and how it resonates with your being.  You are well on your way to enlightenment if you resonate with it!

The Sri Yantra, or Yantra of Creation, has been known since the earliest Vedic times as the most powerful and mystically beautiful of all yantras.  Energizing your water with this powerful symbol aligns you with the timeless creative principle of the Universe, and the continuous unfoldment of all realms of creation from the central source. The central point, called bindu, represents the source of creation. The opposing sets of triangles represent the male and female principles which form creation. The surrounding geometries represent the realms of creation. It is said that gazing at the Sri Yantra for as few as five minutes at a time can induce calmness, integrate the masculine and feminine aspects of being, and balance brain hemispheres.

To increase the frequency of your water and raise your overall vibration, fill your Blue Bottle Love bottle with pure spring water or the best water you have access to, and place in the sun for a minimum of one hour. Prepare to be transformed from the inside out!

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Weight 2.3 lbs
Bottle size

Large 34 oz (1 liter), Medium 25 oz (750 ml), Small 17 oz (500 ml)


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