Five Liter Plain Bottle


  • Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy

  • Thick glass is durable and reusable

  • Water stays fresh and clean and more oxygenated

  • 5 Liter holds plenty of Blue Solar Water
  • Exclusive Swing Top is BPA-free, leak-proof, & always ON the bottle
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PLEASE NOTE:   Latest update as of December 16, 2019  

The bottles have landed in USA!!!  Safe and Sound!

PRE-SALE ORDERS HAVE BEGUN.    Shipping will begin for the PLAIN bottles in January 2020.  We are working on getting the best deal for shipping up to 4 bottles in one carton.  

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the Home Page so you will know as soon as possible about  the actual arrival of the bottles!  Thank you so much for your patience and desire for these epic bottles!!  Look through the photos to see some exciting new options!

As the bottles will arrive mid December, we still must wait until the new year to ship out due to the special circumstances of holidays and transporting to our warehouse etc.   Everything takes time, but if we can get them out sooner, we will Definitely do so!

We are so excited to offer these amazing bottles to you!!  This has been a LONG TIME coming as many of you know!  Thank you for your patience.  Sometimes when it is SO GOOD….the waiting makes it even more rewarding when you finally receive!!

In the meantime, we found a beautiful option for dispensing these bottles!  You can either use an easy to find ceramic crock pot as shown in the slide show of photos. These are readily available at various box stores and online.  As for the other very special clear glass dispenser shown in the photos, that one comes from our friends at Live Spring Water!  If you follow this link, Live Spring Water, you will save 15% on your first order!  Check out all the items they offer, but this one is the best for pairing for your Five Liter Bottle from Blue Bottle Love!  You can also order Spring Water delivery from them, if you live in the San Francisco Bay area or LA area–the link provides 15% discount on that as well.  IF you live in Hawaii and you would like to have the clear glass dispenser shown in the extra photo gallery, be sure to contact us directly.  We have a nice stock of them on Maui.

Please note, when you place the 5 liter on top of any dispenser, the water will stay inside Blue Bottle Love until there is an air release that allows the water to empty out.  This is an amazing phenomenon…but it also allows the water to really get Blue’d Up…especially if there is some sunlight shining on it!  Just tip the bottle a little and let some air in, and the water will dispense when the level of the water in the dispenser is lower than the mouthpiece of the 5 liter bottle.  You can empty all the water into the dispenser and then fill up the 5 liter again!

Five liters is a great amount of water to be able to stock up on, especially if you are gathering Spring Water…our favorite water!  The glass is very thick and the bottles are solid and sturdy and very easy to hold with the nice sized finger grip.    When you are traveling in your car, be sure to put its seat belt on or secure it safely with towels or other padding, so it does not roll around or tip over.   The cap is very secure, as long as it is latched!

If you go out and you need more than 1 liter of water, but not 5 liters, this is still a great option! You have the choice of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 liters of water in this beauty!!  So no more excuses of not having enough water with you!  Fits into many coolers and backpack coolers as well.  This is THE BOTTLE for storing your water!

The plain bottles allow you to make quite a lot of Blue Solar Water at once.  This water will be cleared of the frequencies that your water picked up along the way to your bottle.  These bottles are ideal for refilling with filtered water from home or from the store.  And they are really fantastic for holding fresh spring water as the blue glass will only enhance rather than detract from the quality of the fresh spring water like plastic would.  Clear glass is great if you will be drinking the water soon, but if you collect spring water in the Blue Glass, you can store it longer and more safely, and you can actually improve the water by storing it in this beautiful vessel of primordial blue.

Also, notice in the photos, there is a Water Crystal with the UMH structuring device.  This water Crystal was formed inside of the first 5 liter bottle after the water passed through you UMH Live and then solarized for over an hour.  This beautiful crystal reveals the energy of structure as well as an image of the UMH device!!

PLEASE NOTE:  These bottles will always ship separately from the 750 ml, 500 ml, Blue Love and any Accessories.  If you order 5 liter sandblasted and 5 liter plain, then most likely they will ship together.

This bottle weighs 4.5 lbs empty and 15 lbs Full

The diameter is about 7″ and height is 14″

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 in

1 bottle, 2 bottle, 3 bottle, 4 bottle


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