Grapefruit Seed Extract


  • Unfiltered Formula with Bioflavonoids
  • Made without Gluten & GMOs
  • Vegan · pH of about 2.75

NutriBiotic® GSE Liquid Concentrate is a natural compound derived from the seed and pulp of grapefruit. This formula is used by healthcare professionals worldwide.

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To clean your Blue Bottle Love bottle or other bottles, we have discovered that using Grapefruit Seed Extract works exceptionally well.  Use 5-10 drops in your bottle, add enough water to dilute (about 1/3 of bottle size) then shake well, making sure the solution reaches all over the inside of your bottle.  Works great in conjunction with our Bottle Brush.   You can also fill with hot water and let the cleaning solution sit for a few hours.  When you clean the inside of your bottle, be sure to also clean the cap on the inside and out to remove unwanted bacteria from developing.

The label of this GSE also describes how to use this product for internal body cleansing as well.

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