Hemp Keyring Sling


  • Made in Maui
  • Fair Trade Hemp
  • Super Strong Mini-carabiner
  • Works with all of our Flip Top Lids

Made in Maui…these awesome 100% Fair Trade Hemp keyring slings can be used solely for your keys or for carrying your Blue Bottle Love bottle….or both!  Hemp Webbing is nice and smooth and feels good to hold and it is also very strong and durable.

You can slide the split ring onto the wire bail of the flip top cap, and keep it on there all the time.  You can then quickly add your keys on a separate ring, to the mini-carabiner.  Or you can have your keys always on the keyring, and when you want to carry your water and keys, simply clip the bottle onto the mini-carabiner.  It is very strong!!

Enjoy carrying your water with ease and grace.


Additional information

Weight .18 lbs


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