About International Options ~ EU, UK and Australia

  • 750 ml and 1000 ml  and 5 LITER size bottles offered
  • Custom Swingtop lid with Blue Bottle Love logo
  • Ships from The Netherlands throughout Europe
  • Excellent quality sandblasting from The Netherlands
  • Beautiful Cobalt Blue Glass  made in Italy
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We are expanding!!  EU Customers will surely appreciate having our new website up and running in the EU!  VAT is included in pricing and the shipping costs are much better than shipping from USA.

Please visit bluebottlelove.eu to shop in the EU for your the 750 ml and 1 Liter bottles and 5 Liter size!!  They also can ship to the UK now!  This is a beautiful website and it explains so beautifully how to make Blue Solar Water.  We are SO Happy to be able to keep the Italian blue glass within the EU to minimize the footprint as well as shipping costs for our friends living in these countries.  We have found a wonderful sandblaster in the Netherlands, so all bottles are shipped from this location.  Shipping rates are reasonable to most countries and VAT is included in the pricing.  Eventually accessories will be offered through this website, but for now, just the lovely Blue Bottle Love bottles!

We also have 2 Distributors in UK, and more in the works!

Please reach out to our dear friend Claudia Burnett,  if you are in the UK  to know what stock she has in.
She  offers the 1000 ml, 750ml and 500ml available in various designs.  She will soon have the Genie Bottles too!

She puts so much love into shipping her packages.  And she happens to be based in East Sussex.  You can order from bluebottlelove.eu if she does not have the your chosen designs.   You can find her on IG,  FB,  or by email  

Also in the UK, we have our new friends at LARGE CRYSTALS.UK offering beautiful crystals and now offering some of the Blue Bottle Love designs in the Liter size!

And for our Australia friends…before ordering from USA, be sure to check out the stock offerings from our distributors there SlowDays and Montville Mist .

Also, in Australia, specifically Sydney,  you may contact Jules Crown at +61 410 677 888 as she brings in a small stock of bottles and can also bring them in with small batches and help save on shipping for all concerned.

We are looking to ship the Plain 5LITERS in BULK  to Australia if possible, so if you find  yourself living in Australia and you have read this note, and you are interested in the plain 5LITER bottles, then please reach out!

Thank you!!


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