Kangan Water Machine ~ Wake Water CO

  • “Electrolyzed Reduced Water” or “Hydrogen Water”
  • Highest Quality Platinum and Titanium Plates
  • Anti-Oxidant Rich Water with a strong “negative charge”
  • Micro-Clustered Water Molecules

If you are ready to change your water and change your life….check out this very exciting water made alive and full of vitality by this exceptional machine! By imitating mother nature and the Earth’s electricity, we have discovered how to re-create the natural healing effects of this real “healing” water from all over the world.   These machines have been around for 45 years providing this very special and Alive water …aka  Medical Grade Water.  It is super Eco-friendly as you are able to replace so many other products just by changing the pH of the water with a push of the button!  Water is quite incredible for sure!  The water is split into two streams, separating the Hydrogen Water from the Oxygen with a process known as Electrolysis.  This process adds an electron to the Hydrogen creating a new molecule called Diatomic Molecular Hydrogen Gas.  When this is added to your drinking water, it produces Anti-Oxidant Rich Kangan Water.

Now, you can have access to the world’s most valuable commodity right in your kitchen or place of business.   Here at Blue Bottle Love, we began our journey to create Blue Bottle Love by wanting to share ionized alkaline water back in 2010.  Over the years, the quality of the other machine did not stand up to the test of time, and now we have been reintroduced to Ionized water through Enagic Kangan Water!  There really is no comparison though in the quality of the Enagic to other systems out there!  Please visit the link here to learn all you would want to know about these machines made in Japan that bring water “back to source”.

There is an inquiry page on WakeWaterCo.com where you can fill out your email address and include your referral from Blue Bottle Love.  Another beautiful new website has just been created, where you can explore and learn a bit more about the Kangan Water Machines to see if they resonate with how you would like to live your lifestyle.

We work with Wake Water Co. to bring you the best information for you to reunite yourself with the way water can enhance your life …. by making 5 kinds of water ideal for Drinking/Food Prep, Pets, Beauty, Cleaning, Plants!  Water is SO incredible and so versatile and powerful, and structuring it with the combination of the electricity and Blue Bottle Love….makes the water so delightfully delicious!!

You may need to have extra filtration, depending on your water quality source.  These machines do have filtration, but they do not take out everything.  We are happy to help you discover and learn more about how to have this water enhance your life and the health of your home and family.  We can obtain a Water Quality report for your zip code so you can know what kind of filtration is needed.  At Blue Bottle Love, as shown in the photo, we use the  Leveluk K8 model 

Please reach out for more information after visiting www.wakewaterco.com   If you are inclined to order right away, please use our ID#8528499 which is required in order to make a purchase.

If you are intrigued, please call for more information at 808.876.0009 or visit our team site www.wakewaterco.com to learn so much! And if you make an inquiry to JOIN the WAKE MOVEMENT, please include this email address [email protected]  Thank you!

Our team WAKE WATER CO…is such an empowering and activated and AWAKE group to work with to bring this water to you and to work with. Weekly trainings that are fun and enjoyable, bringing the spirituality and science of water together with tried and true ways to share this water and lifestyle of health and abundance.  Come Join our Tribe!!  Wake Water Co!!

Check out this video to see how amazing Blue Bottle Love bottles go with Kangen Water!


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