Liter Bottle Recycled Climbing Rope Sling


  • Super sturdy Repurposed Climbing Rope 
  • Made in USA
  • Recycled Inner Tube Base
  • Custom designed for our Liter bottle 


  • Green/Black
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These repurposed climbing rope slings are a fantastic way to keep your water with you all day long.  They are very well made, and they will last a good long time.  The base is made of recycled inner tube tire for a unique way to repurpose such a material as well as offer some protection to your Blue Bottle.

The beauty of these is that they allow sunlight to reach your blue bottle so you can be making Blue Solar Water as you carry it!  You also get the pleasure of seeing the beautiful sandblasted design as well inspiring those around you with your chosen intention.   

Be sure to remove the strap when cleaning your bottle or refilling your bottle to keep the snap from rusting.  If you can refill your bottle without spilling water, then it is fine to leave it on!

The straps are nice and long…the FULL length of the strap is 44″  or else 22″ from where it connects to your bottle to the top of your shoulder.  It is easily long enough to carry the bottle over your shoulder or across your body for extra comfort.

These slings have been custom designed for Blue Bottle Love water bottles. They do not fit many other bottles as the shoulder for our bottles is much lower than on most other bottles.

ps.  We are sold out of the blue or purple slings shown in some of the photos….AND we will soon run out of these…only GREEN available now.  We may make these again in the future, but for now, we are streamlining and simplifying to have one sling to hold all bottles..available in HEMP or in RECYCLED CLIMBING ROPE.

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