Multi-Purpose Recycled Climbing Rope Sling


  • Clips quickly and easily onto our SwingTop lid
  • Super sturdy Repurposed Climbing Rope
  • Made in USA


  • Green/Black
  • Purple/Black
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This is a newly designed sling meant to meet the carrying needs for a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. We realize that there are a vast variety of water bottles on the market and many people like to have different kinds of water bottles for different kinds of activities.   Carrying your water with you for hand-free action is a big plus!  We also realize that carrying your keys with you can be a great way to ensure you always remember your water bottle, and that you always know where your keys are! So we added a keyring and clip to these slings so you can have that ideal combo of your keys and your water wherever you go!

Please scroll through the photos to see the different ways this sling will easily work for your water bottle carrying needs. The easiest way to use it with Blue Bottle Love is to clip the bottle onto the keyring with the mini clip we have provided.  This makes the length of the sling perfect for wearing over the shoulder or across the body.  This sling becomes a lanyard for your keys and water!  

There is an extra noose portion of the sling which you can use with another type bottle, or you can hold the bottle with your hand for a short hand sling, or to keep the bottle from swinging too much, you can temporarily hold the bottle with the extra slip noose handle.  You also have the option to cut-off the extra noose portion and have the sling be very simple as shown in our gallery of photos.

Colors available now in Green/Black or Purple/Black only.

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Rope Sling

Geen/Black, Purple Black


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