MultiPure Water Filters

  • Solid Carbon Block Filtration
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Wide Variety of Styles to suit your needs
  • For kitchen, shower, bath, garden and whole house
  • NSF Certified to reduce a wide range of contaminants
  • Multipure Independent Builder, ID # 435781

This is such an excellent company and their filters are top notch because they use SOLID Carbon Block filtration.   They have many different models available for under sink and countertop, as well as whole house filtration.  They even have mini filters…and these are ideal filters to use before an Ionizer as well as just for straight filtration.

Best thing to do is to visit the site and see if what they present is interesting to you.  This is for super clean delicious water…using Stainless Steel Housing and Superior Filtration methods.

If you order online or call in to place an order, please use this referral code to receive 5% off your order:  We are a Multipure Independent Builder, with an ID # 435781

Ideally call Multi-Pure to ask them about their products as they are the most knowledgeable.  This page though will tell you all the things that these filters remove!

Thank you for following your own intuition as to what system resonates with you and your lifestyle and home.  If you are seeking advice, please send an email inquiry to us at Blue Bottle Love, or reach out to MultiPure through their website.


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