Recycled Climbing Rope Keyring Sling


  • Super sturdy Repurposed Climbing Rope
  • Made in Maui, HI
  • Works with ALL of our Flip Top Lid Bottles
  • Super Strong Mini-Carabiner and Snap

This awesome keyring can be used in a variety of ways!  Of course you can put your keys on it first of all.  You can also attach it to the metal part of the flip-top cap mechanism on our bottles and securely hold your bottle with one or two fingers!  

Check out the photo gallery to see the variety of ways this keychain can be used.  Our custom logo  will always inspire you to keep Flowing and Growing for the Logo keyring.   The Very Strong Snaps allow you to clip the keyring onto a variety of other carriers and rings and allows for versatile functionality!  

Comes in SNAP Purple/Black,  SNAP Solid Purple and LOGO Purple/Black …we are out of the Green Snap.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs

SNAP Purple/Black, SNAP Solid Purple, LOGO Purple/Black 


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