Recycled Climbing Rope Wrist Sling


  • Super Sturdy Repurposed Climbing Rope 
  • Made in Maui
  • Super Strong Mini-Carabiner
  • Works with ALL of our Flip-Top Caps


  • Green/Black
  • Solid Purple

These repurposed climbing rope slings are a fantastic way to keep your water with you all day long.  They are very well made, and they will last a good long time.  The nylon is very strong and durable. 

The beauty of these is that they allow sunlight to reach your blue bottle so you can be making Blue Solar Water as you carry it!  You also get the pleasure of seeing the beautiful sandblasted design as well inspiring those around you with your chosen intention.   

The straps are are long enough to fit your wrist through to be able to carry your bottle temporarily on your wrist. This will allow you to carry other things and still hold your bottle safely.  They work great as a keyring as is, and when you want to bring your bottle along, just clip it onto the very strong mini-carabiner.

These slings fit ALL of our Blue Bottle Love water bottles.  They also work great by themselves as lanyards.  You can use for your keys or other important items.   We have 3 choices of colors: Purple/Black, Green/Black, Solid Purple.

Why do we make such simple water bottle carriers that do not cover up the bottle?
Well first of all…it is really inspiring to be able to see the beauty and designs of these bottles in action, and especially around sunlight!    And yes, sunlight…by keeping the bottle exposed, then there is even more information from the sun being absorbed by the water through the blue glass.  Another great reason, is that the bottles are very thick and somewhat difficult to break.  Using a simple strap like this will help you carry the bottle easily, but also keeps your attention and awareness on your water and your actions, which is only a good thing!

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Green/Black, Purple/Black


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