The Genie Water Drop Bottle


  • 750 ml / 25 oz
  • Make Blue Solar Water in style.
  • Use in ceremony or daily kitchen use or bedside water
  • Screw Top Cap made of Black Phenolic Plastic

How exciting to finally be able to offer these beautiful bottles to you!   We have been so excited to offer these to you and now you too can create your own special magical water….with the Genie Bottle!  A beautiful bottle to make Blue Solar Water to clear the frequencies of the water so you have a clean palette to create your own desired frequency water.  You have the power within you to set intention and have an effect on your water as well as your environment!

Water is the most beautiful reflection communicator and will remember and reflect the intentions or “wishes” you program into your water.

With one bottle, you can use it ceremonially or by your bedside.  If you purchase a set of 2 or 3 or 4 so you can use them in your kitchen to run all of your daily water through the BLUE to clear the frequencies of the water and enhance your smoothies and other drinks with Blue Solar Genie Water!  Or get a set of 2 or 3 or 4 bottles and share with friends.

Price includes shipping. There is no extra shipping charge for shipments going to the USA for these bottles as we have already calculated the shipping into the prices.

For International orders, we may need to include more shipping cost as these bottles ship from another location.  Please check pricing on shipping to order these bottles and/or the Genie Spritzer bottles, by filling out the customer information to see shipping prices.

These bottles are 4.5″ diameter at the widest and 1.25″ at the smallest dimension of the mouthpiece.  The height is about 11″



Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs

1 bottle, 2 bottle set, 3 bottle set, 4 bottle set


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