The Genie Water Drop Spritzer


  • 333 ml/11 oz
  • Make Blue Solar Water to clear energy in a room
  • Water Drop Shape with Water Drop Motif in Glass
  • Black Fine Mist Sprayer.  Screw Cap available upon request
  • Available Empty, Beauty Water Filled, Finca Botanica Filled

Blue Bottle Love Genie bottles are here and ready to bless the consciousness of Water! Make a Wish and Set your intentions clearly to empower your water with All that you would like to align with! Fill bottle with Clean water and Solarize in the sun. Add essential oils or hydrosol if desired.

By popular demand, we have decided to offer the bottles empty or specially filled!   If they ship empty, we can pack more bottles nested safely for transport, so the options of 3 pack, 6 pack snd 9 pack are offered at this time.   We actually ship them without the spritzer on many times, for safer shipping.  Each bottle gets 2 spritzers, one for a back up.

The filled bottles require a little extra shipping cost due to the extra weight.  The options for filled….are Kangan Beauty Water.  This is 6.0 pH water that is ideal for our skin to hydrate your body with the pH our skin appreciates.   Since we have this versatile and high quality ionizer available at the Blue Bottle Love Home Office…this is a great way  for you to try out this water for your skin.  You can use it for your whole body!    The other option offered  is to fill with  Beauty Water and add the Finca Botanica Blend from Young Living Essential Oils.   This is a blend of 4 very special essential oils from South America:  Ecuadorian Ylang Ylang, Paicotea, Incan Melissa, and Palo Santo.  The blend is so dreamy as well as cleansing for the energy.   See the photo in the gallery of the group of essential oils.  We have yet to meet anyone that does not love it!  Our blend uses 9 drops of each oil (36 total) to create a potent and truly enjoyable, uplifting, and happy misting experience!   If you would eventually like to be purchasing your own Essential oils from Young Living, feel free to  use this link to make your first purchase and sign up.  If you have any questions, please reach out.

The empty bottles are perfect to make Blue Solar Water to clear the frequencies.  Especially great for spritzing Beauty Water from your Kangan Water Machine or other ionizer. You can also use for misting your plants with moisture. And they make beautiful vases as well.  We are so happy to have found an excellent sprayer for you to enjoy this lovely bottle with a truly fine mist.  Extra Sprayers are available separately, but each bottle comes with the two sprayers in your first order...just in case something happens to the first one!   You may request in the notes for a screw-on cap instead or a lotion pump.


IMPORTANT NOTE: With the sprayer, it is important to spritz slowly…..rather than a fun flurry of spritzing…..pulling the trigger quickly over and over.   Allow the first few spritzes to fall gently on you…..a lot of spray comes out in each spritzer….and it is a nice fine mist. Over pumping the trigger quickly could result in a broken sprayer.

You can of course also fill your bottle with your own essential oil added to  Beauty Water, distilled water or a hydrosol of your favorite flower or wood.  The blue glass will protect your blend from the sun, only allowing those frequencies that will enhance the water in your bottle to come through.

These bottles are 3.5″ diameter at the widest and 1.25″ at the smallest dimension of the mouthpiece.  The height is about 9″ with a full height of 10″ with the super cool fine mist spritzer.  This bottle holds 333 ml or 11 oz of liquid.   The sprayer has a push button on/off lock as well.

Empty Bundles 3, 6, 9
Filled with Kangan Water
Filled with Finca Botanica essential oil blend in Beauty Water

Note for retailers: We will also have these bottles available for wholesale by the carton or by the pallet.  The pallet option will be for bulk resellers, or if you have an ideal product to offer in these bottles, please reach out ! We would LOVE to hear from you!   We can offer these bottles plain or custom sandblast with your logo or product name. They are VERY ELEGANT Sandblasted…and perfect “plain” as well….but there is nothing PLAIN about this beautiful bottle!



Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

1 empty, 3 empty, 6 empty, 9 empty, Kangan Beauty Water, Finca Botanica


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