The Sling


  • Clips quickly and easily onto our SwingTop lid
  • Super sturdy Repurposed Climbing Rope
  • Made in USA


  • Green/Black
  • Purple/Black
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This is the simplest and easiest sling of all we have finally designed!  It is like a lanyard for your bottle…we like to just call it “THE SLING” in its most simplest form.   The super-strong mini-clip on the split ring clips on quickly and easily to the metal part of the cap.  This does not interfere with the cap functions either!  You can easily unclip the bottle when you are filling it up or if you no longer need it on.

The large split ring allows you to clip your keys onto the ring as well.  You can add our  Logo Keyring to your Sling for an extra security in knowing  that you have your water and your keys with you at all times and together, so it is highly unlikely you will lose either one of them!  This is great for walks, for festivals, for running around town and staying hydrated!

We also have Hemp Wallets available  which can hold your money as well as credit card. It has a built in clip and split ring as well to add to this sling. With your water, your keys, and your money all in really can live the minimalist lifestyle while making Blue Solar Water! What a concept!  Hemp Wallets available in Natural and Purple

Strap measures 44″ total length, or 22″ from bottle clip to shoulder.  This fits many people across the body or else over one shoulder works for most people.

In the future, we will be offering these minimalist slings using Hemp Webbing instead of this Repurposed Climbing Rope. Those are still a bit away in production, but something to look forward to! We love Hemp..and we love Repurposing as well!

Colors available for strap in Green/Black or Purple/Black

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Weight .25 lbs


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