Upcycled Blue Glassware Set of 3 PLAIN


  • Upcycled Glassware made from Wild Tonic Repurposed Bottles
  • Beautiful Blue Glass with only WILD TONIC and Bee
  • Dishwasher Safe Annealed Glassware
  • 2 sizes available SMALL 8 oz and LARGE 12 oz filled to brim
  • Sold in sets of 3 packaged safely for transport

We are so excited to partner with UPCYCLED CANDLE CO of Sedona and WILD TONIC JUN of Sedona also….to bring you these epic and super cool blue glass cups…for your water, juice, water ceremony, candles, tea, tea ceremony and whatever other use you can think of!  The bottles from Wild Tonic have been Repurposed and Upcycled into the Blue Glass Cups you have been waiting for!  Your purchase of these cups keep the bottles from going into the landfill,  or else from being recycled in the glass smelting method , which is one way to make use of the glass bottle material.

These repurposed bottles,  allow all the work that was used to make these into glass bottles to keep on going.  There are of course many more steps that must be made to turn the bottles into safe glassware…this takes plenty of time and skilled know how!  Our friends at Upcycled Candle Co have mastered the technique for making the cups with a beautiful polished edge.

Each one of the cups has a fire-polished,  dishwasher-safe super smooth edge that makes these glasses very safe to drink from as they are heat annealed for extra strength and durability.  These are extremely well made and the lip is  rounded and has a very lovely “mouth-appeal”!   Each glass has the words WILD TONIC and an adorable BEE deeply molded into the base portion of these thick glass of these cups.

We are now happy to be able to offer you two sizes!

SMALL  cups measure 4″ H x 2.5″ W and hold exactly 8 oz of liquid if you fill to the top!
LARGE cups  measure 4″ H x  3″ W and hold exactly 12 oz of liquid if you fill to the top!

The cups will usually arrive packed in a 12″ x 4″ x 4″  box with 3 cups individually wrapped for safe shipping.  Please rinse before first time use, and you may wash them in the dishwasher or choose to wash by hand.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Cup Size

8 oz SMALL cups, 12 oz LARGE cups


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