Blue Bottle Love Vision

The symbol in our logo means Flowing and Growing….and yes this is definitely our intention to continue to grow in a beautiful way to have more people honoring and blessing the consciousness of water with Blue Bottle Love!  Many times we hear, “Wow, Blue Bottle Love is everywhere!”  Well yes these beautiful blue glass water bottles  can be found in many of the coolest health food stores, yoga studios, water stores and metaphysical stores around the USA.  We are also represented well at conscious yoga and music festivals on the West Coast with Lydia’s Foods.  And since our simple beginnings in 2009, there have been a  sprinkling of locations around the world, especially in Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Ibiza, Singapore, Malaysia, Costa Rica and even in Trinidad & Tobago!  And of course through this webstore we can ship anywhere in the world!

And as  it totally makes sense to start producing the Sandblasting in Europe, since the bottles come from Italy, so we actually do have a small team making Blue Bottle Love bottles for the EU!!! Please visit to see the beautiful website and obtain these bottles if you are in that part of the world.

Our wish of course is that the WHOLE WORLD  will be clearing the consciousness of water through Blue Bottle Love!  The more water that passes through these bottles will actually help to heal the waters of the world. The synergy of blue glass and sunlight clears the undesirable frequencies  created by the  unconscientious actions of humans that water has been forced to reflect and remember. And so many people would be using reusable glass instead of plastic or metal based bottles!   We do realize this wish is a bit extreme, but why not not wish for the most yet be grateful for all the people who are awake and able to realize the importance of honoring their water with this Divine Blue Frequency. Humans MUST STOP using plastic to imprison water, and this nice thick blue glass is the ideal home for water transporting, for it is the primordial color for water!  Water is in it’s happy place inside of Blue Bottle Love!

So far, Blue Bottle Love has been run by Kayden Radhe and her small team of sandblasters in the USA, and we have a small team running the EU division.  We receive more and more interest for setting up accounts in Europe and other countries.  It is exciting to expand, but also it can be overwhelming when you are still a relatively small company.  With so much interest and the need for water to be healed and more and more people waking up and realizing the importance of water….it truly is the time for the expansion of Blue Bottle Love!  If you have any desire and passion, and hopefully some capital or significant talents, please be in touch so we can see about growing together!

We are open to aligning with the ideal creative collaboration to make this happen.  We have developed important relationships and exclusivities that will partner well with a major player to expand the reach of Blue Bottle Love around the world to help eliminate the use of single use plastic bottles as well as healing the waters.  And of course we have several years of experience and a deep relationship with water. We have exciting new bottles coming VERY SOON that will be making a really nice big splash!

There is so much coming up in the Blue Bottle Love world….we are excited so stay tuned!  Blue Bottle Love is here for the awakening and ascension of our planet and this is why you are here visiting this site.  If you feel aligned or know of someone who is, please share this Vision so that water will be healthy and happy and healed and Blue Bottle Love’d!