water is life

We Love Water

Water is Life and Life is Love!  Yes We LOVE Water here at Blue Bottle Love….and we know that Water is LOVE!  This is the reason we are making Blue Bottle Love..to honor and serve the consciousness of water.  WE believe everyone in the world deserves to have access to clean water.

We have several Water Cause Organizations that we support and donate money to. We just made our own goal with The Waterbearers….helping One Million People Get Access to Clean Water!  A $50 donation will bring clean water to 100 people for 10 years!  The Waterbearers actually go and deliver the water filters and set them up for the communities in need.  It is really a phenomenal organization and we are happy to help support this awesome mission!  We hope you feel the same way!   This is a tax deductible donation as The Waterbearers is a  Registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization – EIN# 81-3327222  

Water Thanks YOU!!




the water bearers


Helping One Million People Get Access to Clean Water

standing-rock-water-is-lifeSupport the Sacred Stone Camp …if you cannot go there yourself, please visit www.sacredstonecamp.org to learn more how you can help

Donate Items:                http://sacredstonecamp.org/supply-list/

Legal Defense Fund :    http://fundrazer.com/d19fAf

GofundMe                      http://bit.ly/FundStandingRoc