Water Structuring Devices

Elevate your water's quality with devices that provide beautiful structure to your water, enhancing its vibrational energy for a healthier home and lifestyle.


Bottle Straps &Slings

Keep hydration handy and stylish with our versatile bottle straps and slings, making it easy to carry your water with love wherever you go.


Blue Love Home & Body

Discover products made with 100% wild-harvested, plant-based ingredients that are kind to both you and the planet.


Upcycled Cups

Discover the unique allure of our Upcycled Blue Glass Cups, designed with expertise for Water, Tea, and Kakao Ceremonies, and ideal for elevating your daily drinking experience.


Be The Bottle & Be The Love

Blue Bottle Love is the perfect vessel to experience high-vibrational blue solar water!

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Holistic Hydration

Imagine sipping on sunlight! Our bottles are crafted to create Blue Solar Water, filled with the sun's vitality and positive vibes, making every mouthful of water a loving embrace for your body and spirit.

Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

Join us on a green journey with a splash of blue. Our mantra, "Live Green, Drink Blue," celebrates a lifestyle where caring for our planet is as simple and joyful as enjoying a bottle of water.

Health & Harmony

Dive into the harmony of structured water, designed to enhance your wellbeing by connecting you with nature's essence. It's not just about hydration; it's about nurturing your soul and the earth with every sip.


$42.00 – $54.00
Small (17oz - 500ml)Large (34oz - 1 liter)
$42.00 – $54.00
Small (17oz - 500ml)Large (34oz - 1 liter)
Ceremonial Genie Cup
$21.00 – $432.00
Divine Harmony
$42.00 – $54.00
Small (17oz - 500ml)Large (34oz - 1 liter)
Divine Love
$42.00 – $54.00
Small (17oz - 500ml)Large (34oz - 1 liter)
Dolphin Merkaba
$42.00 – $54.00
Small (17oz - 500ml)Large (34oz - 1 liter)
$36.00 $54.00

Why Blue... Why Glass?

Discover the magic of Blue Bottle Love's cobalt blue glass bottles, a blend of beauty, health, and eco-consciousness. These bottles, designed to harmonize with water's natural frequency, offer more than just hydration.

They are a symbol of purity, wellness, and a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Infused with the power of sunlight and the calming blue hue, each sip is a step towards a more peaceful, authentic self-expression.

Join us in exploring the profound benefits of choosing this blue glass for your water. Read on for a deeper dive into the Why behind Blue, Glass, and the Italian craftsmanship that makes these bottles so very special.

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