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I always know I'm in the right place when I see someone with an engraved Blue Bottle. The tribe is strong and deep like the blue. Love you!


I discovered Blue Bottles several years ago and have 8 of them now. The water from these bottles is hands down the best I've ever had!! If you’re thinking of getting them.... DO IT!


The Blue Bottle Love is incredible. Thank you! Every time I take a sip, blue/purple washes through my cells and they all SMILE! Ho'oponopono


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Water...Life Giving Water....Yes at Blue Bottle Love we LOVE Water!! And Water Loves us back.....Water is the great whatever energy or frequency you are directing towards the water in your...

Why Blue Glass?

Blue Bottle Love glass water bottles are the ideal vessel for honoring and blessing water everyday. As Blue is the primordial color for water, water is reminded of its original innocence and returns to zero point, erasing any and all frequencies that…

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It is said that WATER IS LIFE. But until you drink water blessed by these beautiful blue bottles, you have not been touched by the full extent of its aliveness!

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I have been using my blue bottle for almost 4 years now and I can't really drink my needed supply of daily water out of anything else. Everytime I take a drink I remember to thank the water and I'll be honest the blue bottle makes water taste the best! I am so happy and feel much healthier drinking from my blue bottle!