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This bottle brings a new wonderful sensation to drinking water! With it’s smooth perfectly shape neck that invites your mouth to drink more! Once you try it you will never leave home without it! Thank you!


I always know I'm in the right place when I see someone with an engraved Blue Bottle. The tribe is strong and deep like the blue. Love you!


I absolutely adore my blue bottle! The bottle makes the water come alive and it fills my body with love and gratitude as it is flowing into me. I can feel the energy radiating from it. It makes me beautiful and empowers me. Thank you so much for sharing your creation!


Aloha! Mahalo for creating blue bottle love. I love my blue bottle so much! It’s so beautiful inside & out and my water and I are so happy! My water is so much more positively charged and tastes clean and vibrant when in my blue bottle love. My whole family wants one now and always drinks out of mine. Of course I share! I just ordered my second blue bottle love, and I can’t wait to collect more. Every human should be required to have a blue bottle love. Thank you so much for creating this majikal water drinking vessel. 🙏🏻💙

Rachael Rainbow

I really love love love all three bottles! The larger 5 Liter is perfect for bringing extra Blue Solar Spring Water with me on trips. The small round bottle is a perfect fit for my magical structured water! Thank you!

JJ Sherman

Blue Bottle News!

A trip to Italy….and Solar Blue Sunday is here!!!

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The 5 LITER bottles will be here soon!! So much time, energy and focus it has taken to make this a reality!  If you only knew.....all the hours and emails…

Why Blue Glass?

Blue Bottle Love glass water bottles are the ideal vessel for making Ho`oponopono Blue Solar Water and honoring and blessing water everyday. As Blue is the primordial color for water, water is reminded of its original innocence and returns to zero point, erasing any and all frequencies that…

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My Blue Bottle Love bottle is sooo sexy. I feel royal drinking from it!


I discovered Blue Bottles several years ago and have 8 of them now. The water from these bottles is hands down the best I've ever had!! If you’re thinking of getting them.... DO IT!


It is said that WATER IS LIFE. But until you drink water blessed by these beautiful blue bottles, you have not been touched by the full extent of its aliveness!

Spar StreetMaui artist

I have been using my blue bottle for almost 4 years now and I can't really drink my needed supply of daily water out of anything else. Everytime I take a drink I remember to thank the water and I'll be honest the blue bottle makes water taste the best! I am so happy and feel much healthier drinking from my blue bottle!


I have spent years trying to get my husband to drink water every day. He insisted on plastic bottles. Then I was gifted with a bottle from Blue Bottle Love and decided to get one for him. Not only does he drink his water every day, but he asked for a second Blue Bottle because he says he can taste and feel the difference. He even has the guys on the construction site where he works buying these amazing bottles!

Denise FultzOwner, Inner Wellness Massage Therapy

The Blue Bottle Love is incredible. Thank you! Every time I take a sip, blue/purple washes through my cells and they all SMILE! Ho'oponopono