Water is Life by Jen Isabel Friend

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Size: Small (17oz - 500ml)

Small (17oz - 500ml)
Large (34oz - 1 liter)

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Water is Life by Jen Isabel Friend

Introducing the newest addition to the Blue Bottle Love offerings!  The beautifully dynamic hexagonal spiral energy that water so loves to be charged up by… truly embodied by the frequency of this Water is Life symbol!  In the words of Jen Isabel herself. “Water is life refers to the revitalizing, invigorating, life-giving capacity of energized water that has flowed in vortexing spirals and taken on a hexagonal molecular structure.”  Water can easily communicate and receive this intention as it is very clear and distinct!!

We are honored that Isabel, who is so very knowledgable and in tune with Water, has chosen Blue Bottle Love to offer her custom design.  May this energy support the health and well being of ALL Water…as ALL Water is Connected!  Be sure to check out her website full of valuable information about Water, including special courses you can take and other water structuring tools and other resources, not found on this Blue Bottle Love site.   Her beautiful website is called WaterIsLife.Love…and in fact, when the FoundHer of Blue Bottle Love was looking up those words…Water is Life is Love…that is how the two met!! Her website popped up and a whole new Water Relationship was born!

To increase the energy and frequency of your Water, be sure to set your bottle,  filled with the cleanest water you have access to, in the sun for 15 minutes up to 1 hour to amplify the energy. Please leave a little room for expansion of the water…so it is best to leave 1″ of space at the top of the bottle.  You can also just set the cap on the bottle, rather than sealing it.

Be sure to read our FAQ section for care instructions and other valuable information.

Water is Listening and Truthfully Revealing ALL that it sees and hears!  Water is Conscious…and Vibrationally Healing!

  • Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy.

  • Custom logo flip top cap is BPA-free, leak-proof and always ON the bottle.

  • Deeply sandblasted symbols etched in USA

  • Very thick glass that is durable and reusable.

  • Water stays fresh and clean and hydrogen rich in Blue Glass.

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    Small (17oz - 500ml), Large (34oz - 1 liter)