Wholesale Inquiries & Custom Designs

We would love for you to offer Blue Bottle Love to your clientele!!

Seeing the bottles in person has such an immediate and potent impression! People LOVE seeing this beautiful blue glass with positive intentions. Displaying our bottles and accessories in your storefront will add beauty and positive energy to your store as well. The bottles display best with sunlight or store lighting shining through them.

When you agree to carry Blue Bottle Love glass water bottles, we now ask our Stores to agree to displaying the bottles in or very near to windows to allow daylight to shine through. If there are no windows in your store, then adequate lighting shining on and/or from behind the bottles is required. We recently received this great testimonial from one of our store partners after we showed them the difference between window displays vs dark shelf displays: 

” Kayden! I moved our bottles to in front of the window and they look so amazing and magical that they are selling like hot cakes!! Thank you for that gentle reminder of how to display them.” ~Kelsey, Cleansing Waters, Indianapolis, IN 
Please fill out the application to the right. In order to buy wholesale, you must have a storefront or style of business of doing shows or else shipping bottles yourself, that is in alignment and makes sense to carry Blue Bottle Love glass water bottles and accessories . 

Our current array of stores includes: health food stores, boutiques, yoga studios and water stores. Be sure to let us know the type of business you have in the area provided.

Minimum orders for Wholesale Pricing is a 2 case minimum of 12 bottles/case. The 5 Liter and 2 Liter size bottles are available at a smaller minimum. You will have the option to choose the designs to fill the cases you purchase, or you can let us choose for you. Reorders must be by the case as well. Shipping is to be paid by the customer.

And YES!! We would LOVE to make your Custom Logo branded Blue Bottle Love bottles!! Please plan on providing Black only High Resolution VECTOR Art with white or no background. The minimum for Custom is just 12 pieces, but wholesale is a minimum of 24 bottles. You may want to get a mix of your design and ours…or all custom. As you wish!

Shipping for wholesale orders is usually shipped by Fed Ex Ground or UPS Ground, FOB 80301.

All initial orders are to be paid by Credit Card or preferably, Free Bank Transfer through our online invoice. Credit card fees of 3% will be added to orders paid by Credit Card. Terms may be set up upon credit approval. Thank you for your desire and passion to share Blue Bottle Love with your clientele!


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