Water Filter and Structuring Devices


Blue Bottle Love water bottles are awesome at holding water and energizing it with positive frequencies…but they cannot physically remove harmful chemicals and toxins found in various water supplies.  In order to make those toxins unavailable in your water, filtration and beneficial structuring are important ways to provide yourself with the best water from your home source.  Filtering the water in your home is very important as it is not only the drinking water that you absorb, but also when bathing and washing dishes and even washing your clothing and then there are all of your plants and more to consider!  Having clean structured water flowing through your home raises the vibration of everything in your home and property!

As people are waking up to water….more and more amazing devices will be available to structure and make water incredible!  Here at Blue Bottle Love, we are open to many ways of filtering and structuring water. It seems that there are so many different types of water all around the world, and then there are so many ways that each person connects and resonates with the technology and the different types of filtration and structuring that have been available for water and the new ones being created!  We are so Happy with our home system water now which includes the SpringAqua system you will see in the options below.  And we have the Kangan system at our studio location.  This is a great way to share this water with so many people who are just waking up to water!  And out and about, the UMH Live goes everywhere with us to refill easily into Blue Bottle Love bottles from our 5 Liter bottle!!

Extra structuring is always a plus!  We like to say, you cannot structure water Too Much!!  The more structured Water is, the body absorbs it better, and this actually affects your whole life and adds structure and balance and high vibrations for you everyday!  No matter which device you choose though, the final step in ANY filtration and restructuring device is to put it into Blue Bottle Love!  This helps to not only to take the water back down to zero point, it also preserves the beneficial frequencies created by the filtration and structuring units we provide here!  Read more about each device and see which one resonates with you!