Analemma Wand

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Here is a very interesting and powerful structuring tool that we recently discovered!

Aǹalemma is a tool that transfers regular tap water into its supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. In regular tap water, H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner. Through a simple process, Aǹalemma radically changes the state of water by transferring the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure and stability of it have a remarkable influence on all living things.

Aǹalemma water loves the sun, so we suggest that you expose it to open sunlight at least once or twice a week. It will supercharge the effects and keep it that way.  Basically you fill your cup with water and stir with the “magic wand” Analemma Wand for about 30-60 seconds.

The energy of this beautiful wand can be felt even before allowing it to do it’s magic with Water!  Using it with water that is of normal pH and no other enhancements allows for the most dramatic positive shift in the quality of the water.  You can definitely feel the upgrade of the water and it is delicious!

The brain is the organ in the body which is the most liquid; therefore water plays a crucial, major role in all of its functions. While testing the influence of Aǹalemma on brainwaves, the makers noticed that, within half an hour of subjects drinking the Aǹalemma water, an equilibrium occurred. Using an EEG they also noticed immediate positive effects of Aǹalemma water in various parts of the brain.

Aǹalemma creates harmony; it creates equilibrium in our bodies and our minds, and one of the key areas where this harmonization occurs is in the brain.

The water molecules comprise our DNA and our cell structure, and it is important to note that the molecules communicate with each other constantly, thus creating a system in which a perpetual exchange of information is taking place.

We love supporting other companies that are uplifting the frequency of Water in their own beautiful and unique ways!  Thank you Analemma for doing this so beautifully!