Ancient Mystery Genie Bottle

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Ancient Mystery Genie Bottle 

The gorgeous and epic Genie Bottle has finally arrived in her full glory!   Check out these beautiful wooden tops, custom made for this elegant bottle!!  You can use this  as a mini water bottle, that fits easily into your purse.   Just make sure that the cap is screwed on nice and tight!  

There is so much to say about this very special bottle! The inspiration for the new wooden top actually came from a dear friend, Jasmine Laurenti from Italy, who envisioned this bottle to be perfect for her children's book character, Ondina!   She felt this magical bottle deserved a more enchanting closure than a simple black cap! Thus began the creative process that resulted in the look you see here! 

It is SO exciting to finally share the very special download …which was shared during an epic webinar  hosted by @vedaaustin_water on the Ancient Mysteries of Water!  In the very last 1/2 hour of the 11 hour event, the team from @magicalegyptofficial presented the  intriguing  Didactic symbolism used throughout ancient art in reference to the human brain.  They showed the Axial View of a brain scan, and the perfect shape of the Genie Bottle was revealed!  This is actually the Third Ventrical of the brain along with the Pituitary Gland on one end and the Pineal Gland on the other! See 3rd Photo!  The pituitary gland is at the top of the genie bottle…almost exactly the way the Ball is at the top of the Wooden Cap! 

This seems quite significant in the realm of Ascension codes and tapping into the Ancient Mysteries.  It is in this part of the brain that the cerebral spinal fluid actually rises during Kundalini activations!   This directly affects the pineal gland and pituitary gland! The shape of the cap was certainly divinely orchestrated.  And Water…being held within this shape is reminded of the special frequencies that arise within the Third Ventrical!   This truly is a bottle for the ages!  Water can more easily embody the sacred codes thanks to the lovely waterdrop shape  that it happens to be!  Thank you to the Italian designers of this gorgeous bottle!

If you would like to bring this bottle with you out into the will fit easily into many purses.  But if you want to show it off, or travel lightly, you might like to try our String Bottle Holder Over the Shoulder carrier or our new adjustable Eco-Leather String Bottle Holder.  It fits this bottle perfectly!  The Genie Bottle Certainly looks quite elegant to carry your as your fashionable water bottle when you go out!  Everyone will be wondering about your magically exquisite bottle!  They are ideal to fill with your favorite Water and it might be nice to add a special tincture or elixir to the Water inside!

These bottles can also handle heat, so adding your favorite tea to this bottle is  a lovely way to take your hot tea on the go...and if it cools off, no problem, tea  is still delicious hot or not!  The bottles work well in the dishwasher, but please leave the wooden cap off, of course, and clean them quickly and then dry it off.  The wooden caps all have a food grade approved finish to protect and seal the wood.

  • 333 ml/11 oz

  • Solid Wood Acacia  w/ Wooden Gold Ball or Natural Beechwood Ball

  • Water Drop Shape with Water Drop Motif in Glass
    • Ideal for Sacred Water Activations

    • Great for bringing an elegant water bottle with you on the go


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    Gold Ball, Beechwood Ball