Bottle Brush

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Bottle Brush

This is an excellent brush to clean your bottles, and is long enough to clean the all of our bottles, including the 5 Liter size bottles.  These are sturdy and strong and will definitely fit into the opening of ALL Blue Bottle Love bottles.  It is a good idea to soak your bottle first in Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar or Grapefruit Seed Extract mixed with water if your bottle is very dirty.  It is also a good idea to clean your bottle 1x a month.

The length of the brush from end to end is about 17” including the round metal end.  The brush area is 6” long.  The diameter of the brush area is 2.5” and the metal rod inside is about 3/16” fitting into our 3/4” openings of Blue Bottle Love and any other bottle as well.

We usually try to pack this brush in with your bottles, but many times it will come in it’s own box with or without other accessories that you buy.

  • 17 ” Bottle brush.
  • Use to clean your Blue Bottle at least once per month.
  • Extra long, fits into ALL of our bottle sizes