Eco~Leather String Bottle Over the Shoulder

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Bottle Size and Color: XS Genie Lavender

XS Genie Lavender
XS Genie Turquoise
Small 500ml Chocolate
Medium 750 Turquoise
Medium 750 Chocolate
Large Liter Chocolate

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Eco~Leather String Bottle Over the Shoulder

We have a new version of our super cool bottle holders we get from Bali!   These are made with Eco-Leather , a vegan material that looks like leather.  The material is very strong and durable, without any stretch.   SO, that means that they must fit the bottles perfectly!  And they do!

Originally they were meant to only fit the Large Liter and the Medium 750ml, but happily, as this is a new product, and many hands making them…we ended up with 4 sizes that just happen to fit ALL 4 of our Smaller Bottles!   How Divinely Aligned!  Yes The Genie Bottle, the 500ml Small, the 750ml Medium, and the 1 liter Large all have their own perfect sized carriers!  These are not really interchangeable...for the most part.

A Tassel adorns the bottom for an extra measure of cuteness!   The tassel does get in the way of standing the bottle up when you set it down, but you can always hang the bottle or lay it on its side, when not wearing it.   And of course you can remove the sling if you want your bottle to stand up!

This is an excellent way to be able to wear it Over the Shoulder, and to be able to Adjust the Length of the shoulder strap!  We figured out an ingenious way to add a special metal Sliding Bead which fits Strong and Tight to allow you to slide it up and down the 2 straps, together  to make the adjustment.   There is then a little tail that can hang down for the excess strap material, when you shorten the shoulder strap.  This is ideal when hiking and climbing, since  you don’t want your bottle swinging around…Right?   With this sling,  you can make the strap super short to fit right by your body!  

Please note, when you are not wearing the duo of the bottle and Sling, and you want to keep the sling on the bottle, it is a good idea to slide the bead all the way down towards  the bottle, so that the Sling will stay nice and snug on the bottle. This is basically how this Versatile Version was birthed…because without the bead, the sling was just falling off the bottle (especially for the Liters) when not in use, and this was extremely frustrating.  SO…Necessity was the Mother of Invention yet again!

As for the Colors…we have 3 great colors available:   Lavender,  Turquoise &  Chocolate 

Please note the following models and colors:

Genie Bottle– Turquoise and Lavender 
500ml Small–Chocolate only
750ml Medium–Chocolate and Turquoise
1LITER Large–Chocolate only


  • Made from Vegan Friendly Eco~Leather very strong material
  • String Bottle Holder Made in Bali by WoaBoa
  • Holds bottle very secure and Allows sunlight to Solarize the Water
  • Embodies the Diamond-shape Water Code symbol
  • 4 sizes available to fit the Genie, 500ml, 750ml and 1 Liter bottles.
  • Adjustable Strap for carrying Over the Shoulder


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Bottle Size and Color

XS Genie Lavender, XS Genie Turquoise, Small 500ml Chocolate, Medium 750 Turquoise, Medium 750 Chocolate, Large Liter Chocolate