Genie Bottle Replacement Spritzer

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Genie Bottle Replacement Spritzer

This is the beautiful new sprayer that we eventually found for the Genie Bottles!!  If you have a sprayer that is no longer working for your genie bottle, this will be the replacement sprayer you need.  The older sprayers may be faulty by getting clogged from essential oils or other reasons.   You can attempt to clean the sprayer you have by soaking in white vinegar or spraying alcohol through it…but if you are not successful, sometimes it is easiest to start afresh.

With the sprayer, it is important to spritz slowly…..rather than a crazy fun flurry of squirts.   Allow the first few spritzes to fall gently on you…..a lot of spray comes out in each spritz….and it is a nice fine mist. Over pumping the trigger quickly could result in a broken sprayer.

  • Elegant, Black plastic mini-trigger Sprayer
  • 28/410 threaded finish
  • Fits our Genie Bottles perfectly