Greenfield Water Solutions

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We were introduced to Greenfield Water Solutions by a mutual friend…after already finding our own Water Solution for the Home office of Blue Bottle Love.  So we have not yet tried these products out, but fully trust and believe in this company and what they are offering…so we want to share the information with you, to see if you resonate with what this company has to offer.  So many different modalities in one location, from replacement filters to wholehouse structured water filtration and many items in between.  The owner, Gary Greenfield,  is accessible and available for support in helping you decide what system would be best for you.

FROM THE OWNER, Gary Greenfield:

“Everything is water and water is everywhere, as is energy but water isn’t energy although water is energized. To put it succinctly, everything is water and everything is energized.”

Water is the life blood of the earth and all living things. Pure water can be defined as water in it’s natural, balanced state, both energetically and materially, yet, cleansed of matter and energy that isn’t congruent with nature.

Water in its natural state has a complex structure which enables it to carry nutrients, both in physical and energetic states for the purpose of feeding, cleaning and protecting everything it mingles with. Water is present everywhere on earth and in the heavens, constantly sustaining, energizing and rejuvenating all life processes.

It’s no secret that tap water in our world today contains many contaminants and impurities that are detrimental to our health and energy. Our structured water filters go beyond just water purification – they create clean, healthy, life enhancing water by combining traditional physical filtration methods with innovative vortex and energy transfer principles.

Our Structured Water Filter Units are engineered to mimic the natural water cleansing and charging processes that occur within the hydrologic cycle. Our filters are designed for easy installation by a plumber and maintenance by the customer requiring only a yearly filter change. No other maintenance is required, and the system is designed to last a lifetime.